Pedalcover Insurance

Meet the Team

At PedalCover we would love to share our passion for bikes with you.

Amongst us there are ex pro cyclists, international cyclists, triathletes, skiers, surfers and an Ironman – we have travelled the world and love all things outdoors.

Over the years we’ve racked up some impressive injuries including 10 broken bones through cycling and surfing. There’s been three broken wrists and a broken elbow in the last two months alone – we’re beginning to think we need our stabilisers back on!

Between us we have 31 bikes, and that’s just the ones we have disclosed to our other halves!
We are not your boring insurance office, we have replaced our boardroom table with a ‘table tennis’ table and to keep us going (as typical cyclists) we have three coffee machines on the go.

To see more click below (we have tried to keep Lycra to a minimum!)