Our combined Home & Bike Insurance better than Bike-only?

Our combined Home & Bike Insurance better than Bike-only?

There are now a number of bike insurance providers in the marketplace who have set up to offer insurance for your bikes because very often home insurance does not provide cover for expensive or multiple bikes collections.

These providers quite rightly point out the advantages of a specific bike-only insurance policy against home insurance. We agree with them because normal home insurance is probably too limited for us cyclists and triathletes passionate about our bikes.

They have also sought to offer additional cover, such as:

  • Crash damage
  • Breakdown cover
  • Liability cover
  • Cover when competing

Some may even offer:

  • Kit cover
  • Loss of race fees
  • Hire bike cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Worldwide cover – although some may charge an additional cost

You can even add additional bikes at an extra cost!

However Pedalcover offers all this and more and doesn’t even charge per bike. Rather than restrict yourself to insuring your best bike due to cost, we will cover them all.

So the question to ask is wouldn’t you much prefer the convenience of one policy provided by a team passionate about our customers and their bikes, instead of a limited or multiple policies?

What happens if your home, shed or garage gets broken into?

Does that mean you have to make two claims, one for your bikes and one to deal with the break in at home with your home insurer?

That’s two phone calls, two claims and a lot of hassle!

Some other things to consider when looking at our combined home and bike insurance over bike-only insurance:

  • Some of the policies only provide new for old for up to three years –  what then happens with your old winter bike?
  • Theft away from home will usually require your bike to have been secured to an immoveable object with a gold secure lock for bikes over £1,500. Who wants to be carrying a big lock on a lovely summer ride on your nice light bike with your lovely lightweight summer kit?
  • Some even restrict theft from a car between 9pm and 6am.

You have none of these restrictions if you take out a policy with us.

With our unique home and bike insurance you don’t have to be concerned with the above.

In addition to covering your home for building and contents, we also provide:

  • Cover for all of your bikes
  • Full crash damage to your bikes worldwide
  • Cover for when competing in time trials, triathlons, Enduro XC, sportives
  • £2 million or £5 million public liability in the UK
  • Cover for all your kit such as helmets, shoes, sunglasses, clothing from Castelli, Rapha, Pactimo etc
  • Cover for all your accessories such as Garmin watches, phones, jewellery etc
  • Cover if your bike or bike box are damaged on a plane
  • Cover in transition
  • New for old cover

We also provide family legal cover to help in the event of a claim and an excess protect policy, which can repay the excess deducted (please contact us for terms and conditions).

If you have any questions we are not a call centre but a team of passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated cyclists (and insurance experts!) who would be happy to discuss these with you. We understand what you need from a policy and what concerns you have, so please call us as we would love to tell you more about our policy.