Mountain Biking

Choosing the Best Mountain Bike Insurance

Sure, there are plenty of options out there for mountain bike insurance, but it can easily feel like a bit of a minefield trying to find the right insurance policy that suits you as a mountain biker.

In fact, many policies seem to be from companies that actually know very little about the practicalities, and what really matters, when you’re a mountain biker.

When it comes to choosing the best mountain bike insurance, you want an insurer that has the same detailed understanding of mountain biking that you do. As well as one that is asking the same questions as you. For example…

What if I’ve got more than one bike and a lot of expensive accessories?

Being into MTB often means owning more than one bike, or maybe you’re part of a household of mountain biking enthusiasts – small and big alike! With this in mind, you don’t need insurance simply for one bike, you need a policy for ALL of your bikes.

When choosing the best mountain bike insurance, you want an easy and straight forward policy that covers all of your bikes, whenever and wherever you want to use them.

What about your accessories? Chances are you might have easily spent as much on accessories as on your bike. The cost of your helmet, your sunglasses, your shoes and that expensive bike computer, you just had to have, all add up.

What you really need from your policy is one that will also cover all these little extras (even items like your laptop and camera when you’re abroad) and give you the peace of mind that you’re insured in the event of the unexpected.

Man on biking holiday on mountain bike on Pordoi Pass, Italy

I’m not just using my mountain bikes in the UK, what about my holidays and competitions abroad?

More and more mountain bikers are opting to take their bikes away with them. Not just for mountain biking holidays, but also for events like off road sportives, and why not, there’s a big world out there for you to bike across.

When choosing the best mountain bike insurance, it’s fundamental to have a policy that is going to meet your needs and be realistic about the way that you use your mountain bikes.

You need to be able to take your bikes (and all those expensive accessories we’ve already talked about) abroad and rest assured that they’re all fully covered.

What about public liability and crash damage?

Of course, accidents do happen, and the best mountain bike insurance is going to provide the right cover to reflect this.

Just like insuring your car, you need to plan for every eventuality and proper liability cover (or public/personal liability cover as it’s also known) will ensure that you’re covered for damage to another person or their property in the event you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

This also goes hand in hand with the need for crash damage cover. Whether you’re riding your mountain bike to work, out on a trail holiday, or competing in your biggest event of the year in Europe – you need global crash cover as accidents can happen.

mountain biker riding in autumn forest

Combining your home and mountain bike insurance

PedalCover know mountain biking.

Not only will we cover all of your bikes against theft, but we’ll also cover all of your accessories as well. Our insurance includes cover against crash damage, liability cover, and the peace of mind provided by worldwide cover, for wherever you’re riding your MTB.

What’s more, PedalCover doesn’t just cover your bike, our unique policy also provides buildings and contents insurance for your home, in one simple policy. Doing this is the easiest way to avoid paying out for additional policies and ensures all your bikes and accessories are covered.

This makes PedalCover one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective mountain bike insurers on the market, developed with benefits to suit the needs of mountain bikers specifically.

Find out more about PedalCover’s mtb insurance and get a quote today.