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Do cyclists have to have bicycle insurance?

Over the last few years cycling has become increasingly popular, whether it’s as a healthy and cost-effective means of commuting or wanting to emulate the likes of Froome, Thomas et al out on the open road. More and more of us are discovering the sheer joy of getting out on our bikes and whilst for the majority of us there’s never the need for concern, there are unfortunately some risks involved in getting out on a bike. According to ROSPA* the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 2016 saw a total of 18,477 cyclists injured or killed in road accidents whilst Cyclist Magazine** report just short of 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in the UK, which is a slightly worrying stat, to say the least.

The Importance of having bicycle insurance

bicycle lockWhile bicycle insurance is not a legal requirement, it is increasingly becoming part of owning a bike. Costs can soon add up if you were to be involved in a collision with a third party, your bike gets stolen or incurs some accidental damage. While the chances of these circumstances are slim, knowing that you are covered gives you that peace of mind when out and about on your bike. What’s more, if you’re a keen cyclist you’ve probably got a number of bikes under one roof (after all, we all know the n+1 rule) so it’s important to understand the range of insurance options available to you.

Third-Party Public Liability Insurance

Accidents can happen and while we like to think it won’t happen to us, it’s better to be prepared. In the unlikely event that it does happen, the accident could involve a third party. This could be on the commute, the weekend club ride or just while going for a quick spin and could involve a vehicle, pedestrian, or fellow cyclist. If you’re found to be at fault, having public liability cover will protect you and your bank balance, in the event of a claim by the other party involved.

Protection against Theft

Although you may take the necessary precautions of investing in a secure bike lock or keeping your bike stored in a safe place when not in use, unfortunately, these are sometimes still not enough. As cyclists ourselves, we know there would be nothing worse than that sinking feeling we’d experience if our bike was stolen. Whilst bicycle insurance won’t take away that feeling it will at least mean you’re not hurt in the pocket as well.

A range of bicycle insurance to suit your needs

At PedalCover, our unique home and bike insurance policy protects you and all your bikes in one simple policy. Our specialist bike insurance can cover you whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or you’re a keen triathlete.

Whilst having bicycle insurance is not compulsory, whatever type of bike you have and whatever type of cycling you’re in to, having a policy that covers you in the event of something going wrong makes sense.

Find out more about how to get bicycle insurance, today.