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What’s the best cycle insurance for expensive bikes?

Whether you own a Pinarello, Colnago, Cervelo, De Rosa, Argon 18, Bianchi or other brand of expensive bike, we know that your bike is your pride and joy….your passion.

Expensive bikes with Pedalcover insuranceThe Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) has reported that triathlon expenditure in the UK is now worth more than £192m a year, with the average bike costing £2,000.

With so much money being spent, having adequate insurance protection is essential.

While there are a number of bicycle only insurance providers in the marketplace, if you’re a keen cyclist or triathlete chances are you’ll have more than one bike, on top of wetsuits and other accessories.

When you come to insure all of this equipment, you would normally have to take out separate home and bike insurance, because the cover provided within a standard home insurance policy would not give you enough cover for your bike. You would also have to specify all of the bikes that you have, pushing the cost of the insurance premium up and often there is a limit placed on the value of your bike.

Home Insurance and Cycle Insurance, combined

PedalCover saves time and money as it combines it all under one home and bike insurance policy, covering all bikes, your possessions and your home for the price of a normal house insurance, with additional benefits designed for cyclists and triathletes including:

  • Choosing your own bike shop in the event of a claim
  • Worldwide cover for your bikes and personal possessions
  • Cover for triathlon racing including transition, as well as commuting, training and leisure cycling
  • Accidental damage and theft cover

Our policy is designed with an extended value of up to £15,000, which means you can insure more expensive bikes, or several bikes if you wish.

If like us, you’ve a bike for every occasion, we can cover them all with your home under one single insurance policy. There’s no need to seek separate insurance for your bikes or fork out for costly, additional policies.

Cover for your accessories, such as aero helmets, shoes, power meters, and wetsuits, is included on a worldwide basis and includes protection whilst competing in triathlons, sportives and time trials.

All our quotes are customised and our team are all cyclists or triathletes which means that when our clients call for a quote they speak to someone that speaks their language and understand their needs.

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