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What to look for in an MTB insurance policy

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that anyone can try. But along with the thrills and spills of whizzing along a trail, certain risks are inevitable. Mountain bikers need to be on their guard when facing everything from tumbles to bike theft. Investing in the right MTB insurance policy will provide peace of mind so that you can gear up for another day on the trail. So, what should you look for in an MTB insurance plan?

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Covers all locations

Most home contents insurance will provide some level of basic coverage, but mountain bikers will need a much more comprehensive policy. Home insurance policies usually have a maximum claim per item, which can be as low as £500. This is clearly not sufficient for serious bikers. What’s more, if your household has more than one bike, you may find the total claim value groups all the bikes together. Home insurance might not cover your bike while it’s away from home or you’re riding it, which means it’s pretty much useless for mountain bikers. A specialist MTB insurance policy will cover everything related to riding away from home, including worldwide coverage and competitions. Your bike should be covered in environments as diverse as mountainsides, dirt trails and urban streets.

MTB theft insurance

Mountain bikes are an expensive investment, so you should protect them with MTB insurance policy with a high coverage limit. A good policy will cover you for the theft of your bike, not just from home but when you’re out and about too. And if you’re likely to use your bike abroad it’s worth checking that the policy provides worldwide theft cover.

Crash damage

The great thing about biking on a trail is pushing your limits and maybe stepping outside your comfort zone. However, when you’re flying down a bit of technical single track or getting some air off some bumps, chances are you might come a cropper now and again. And whilst often you can pick your bike up and get back on again, sometimes the damage is a bit more serious. Insurance that covers crash damage is therefore essential.

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Mountain bike liability insurance

Mountain biking is as close to nature as you can get on wheels. It’s the ultimate way to escape the digital world and hectic pace of urban life in favour of adrenaline-pumping speeds on a trail instead. But more people than ever are cycling on roads and trails so accidents are a common occurrence for MTB-ers. And sometimes they are your fault no matter how careful you are. Cover that includes personal injury and third party liability gives extra peace of mind in case you injure another person or damage their vehicle.

Kit and accessories cover

Mountain biking is a high-impact sport, both on the rider and the bike. And the list of essential kit can sometimes seem endless – helmet, gloves, glasses/goggles, shoes, clothing, and not to mention spares including brake pads, rear derailleur strikes, tyre levers, spare inner tubes and lights. Your accessories and clothing can really add up and that’s why an MTB insurance policy should protect the whole package. Check your policy does this and also check any value limits that apply – people often only discover this when they come to claim or, in other words, too late.

A policy designed by mountain bikers

Don’t assume your standard home insurance will cover your precious mountain bike. MTBs require a unique policy which standard insurance will inevitably fall short of achieving. But don’t automatically assume you have to opt for an expensive “bike-only” policy from a specialist insurer either. PedalCover’s home and bike insurance was created by riders for riders and offers the perfect combination of cover for all your bikes and kit, along with buildings and content insurance for your home.

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