Pedal Cover

Don’t tend to take yourself too seriously? Prefer beer & wine to gels & energy drinks? Love the idea of wearing pink lycra on weekends?

Want the want? Then you too could be Cr@p.

Formed quite a few years ago (probably in some pub) Cr@pTri is an all-inclusive tri club that’s friendly & welcoming, regardless of whether you’ve won Kona or just the battle to get off the sofa.

Our athletes (loose term) race (even looser term) mostly in the UK and Northern Europe (travel/race insurance purchased via Pedalcover!) although we also list San Francisco and NZ in our raced venues.

Aquathons, Duathlons, half & full Marathons, Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 or the big boy itself IM, we’ll do anything. We’ve raised lots of money for various charities and whilst we’re not necessarily good we are probably the best supported club on the circuit. You will be cheered on by the most enthusiastic supporters (always dressed in Pink) who will cajole even the most cramp ridden athlete to smile & get those legs moving again. You don’t even need to be one of ours to get that cheer either. Mostly local to Cardiff but spread across South Wales (plus a few in England, Ireland & USA) we are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon and as the strap line goes …