Mountain Bike Travel Insurance

Pedalcover Mountain bike insuranceThere’s nothing better than riding some epic trails with your mates, and there’s certainly no shortage of locations around the globe to do just that. Whether you’re heading to the highlands of Scotland, the legendary Alps or heading further afield to places like BC or California, make sure your insurance is up to the job. Generally speaking, standard travel insurance just won’t cut it for MTB – a fact that some people unfortunately only discover when they come to claim. And even some policies that proclaim to cover MTB, don’t extend to activities like using uplifts or man-made trail riding.

Which is where Pedalcover comes in.

Pedalcover Mountain Bike Holiday Insurance

Pedalcover is run by cyclists and mountain bikers and so we understand what needs to be included in a mountain bike travel insurance policy – because we want it too! (which is part of the reason we started the company).

Unlike standard travel insurance policies, or even those claiming to cover MTB, our policy is activity-specific, so you can be confident you’re covered for your MTB trip. This includes cover for off road sportives and downhill mountain biking (with the exception of racing) which is excluded by many providers.

Request a quote now and discover why mountain bikers are choosing Pedalcover for their travel insurance.

–       £10 million emergency medical expenses

–       Personal accident cover

–       £5,000 cancellation and curtailment cover

–       £2 million public liability

–       Activity specific cover including downhill mountain biking (the only exclusion is downhill MTB racing).

–       Up to £50,000 for search and rescue.

–       Single and multi-trip policies available with flexible trip lengths.
PLEASE NOTE:  The travel policy provides no cover for bikes or accessories. If you require this, please check out our unique Home and Bike Insurance.

FAQs About Insuring Mountain Bikes

Is downhill MTB covered?
Yes, with the exception of racing.

Is air evacuation covered?
Yes, if medically necessary.

Do the trips have to be a set length?
No, we’ll provide cover for however long you need it.

You’re one step away from peace of mind on your trip