Time Trial Insurance

Pitting yourself against the clock is one of the simplest yet most enjoyable (albeit slightly painful) forms of competition you can do on your bike. Whether you’re a regular at your club 10 miler, competing nationally, or even internationally, the buzz of improving your PB, not to mention beating your closest rivals, is hard to beat.

Matt Bottrill on TT bikeAnd then of course there are the bikes themselves.

The modern breed of TT bikes are some of the most technologically advanced (not to mention visually stunning) bikes on the road today, all designed with one thing in mind – shaving precious seconds of that all important time. This of course comes at a cost, with prices of these machines often heading towards, and sometimes beyond, the £10k mark. And that’s before you add in the various other kit required to compete – from aerobars to aero helmet and skin suit – all of which means the cost of your hobby can quickly add up.

Making sure you have cycle insurance that covers your participation in time trials is not only important in terms of protecting you and your high value equipment, but also from a public liability perspective. As with any type of cycling event there is always the possibility of being involved in an accident either with a fellow competitor or, as time trials are often held on the public highway, a member of the public.

Why choose Pedalcover for TT Bike Insurance

Over the years the team at Pedalcover have competed in all manner of cycling disciplines and so understand both the thrill and excitement, as well as the challenges, involved. This wealth of knowledge and experience was instrumental in us designing our unique home and bike insurance , to provide a level of cover that we, as cyclists, wanted for ourselves and the various cycling disciplines we enjoy, including time trials.

Some of the reasons why we think our cover is perfect for TT are:

• There’s no charge per bike.
• Time trialling is covered as standard.
• All your bikes are covered by the same policy (and price) and there’s no limit on the number or value of bikes.
• Up to £2m public liability cover in the UK.
• Includes crash damage and theft cover for clothing and accessories (includes helmets, Garmin watches, phones).
• Full worldwide crash damage cover, as standard.
• Breakdown recovery service – if you have a mechanical we’ll cover the taxi home.
• New for old cover up to 10 years.
• Bikes replaced, in most cases, with a cash settlement.
• No limit for theft from an outbuilding.
• Bike rental replacement if an airline damages your bike.
• And of course, home contents and buildings insurance provided as standard.

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FAQs About Pedalcover’s TT Bike Insurance

Are my bikes covered up to their full value in a vehicle?
Yes providing the vehicle is locked (the doors rather than the bike being locked
within the car)

Are my bikes covered when locked to a bike rack?
Yes, providing a separate lock is used rather than a ‘lockable’ bike rack

Are my accessories covered e.g. power meters, skin suits, aero helmets, overshoes etc. ?
Yes they are covered for crash damage

Am I covered for crash damage whilst racing and training?

Will I have to go to Wheelies?
No, we can cash settle if you ride a custom or bespoke bike

Am I covered if I cause a crash or injure another rider/pedestrian?
Yes we cover third party liability in the UK up to £2 million. British Cycling and British
Triathlon liability insurance does not cover member to member claims.

Are there any limits for theft from a garage or outbuilding?
No you are covered up to your overall contents limit.

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