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You’ve found our triathlon insurance. At Pedalcover, we take care of the things that you love – from your bike to your power meter and wetsuits – so that you can ride with peace of mind that you’re completely covered by our triathlon travel insurance.

Whether you’re new to triathlons, a seasoned Ironman or a GB age group competitor, our unique home and bike insurance has been designed with triathletes in mind to cover all your needs and save you money.

There are a number of bicycle only insurance providers in the marketplace, but as a triathlete you don’t need cover for a single bike, you need cover for ALL of your bikes, accessories and often if you’re travelling abroad your camera, laptop and other prized possessions.

When you consider everything you need covered you would be forgiven for thinking it would be expensive. And if you trawled the internet for a specialist insurer to provide cycling insurance it can mount up if you’ve got more than one bike.

But why insure just your bike, when you can get all your bikes, accessories and your home insured at a fraction of the price?

Pedalcover Insurance

Triathlon Insurance – We combine your home and bike insurance under one policy to save you money

If you’ve a bike for every occasion, under our policy there’s no need to seek separate insurance for each bike or fork out for costly additional triathlon insurance policies.

“Thanks to Pedal Cover a number of our club members can sleep easier at night knowing their bikes and kit are sufficiently insured both at home and racing at home and abroad. It was great dealing with Pedal Cover because I felt that they understood my needs for bike insurance and it was very competitive with my previous insurer.”

Eric Downey,
Secretary of Kingswood Tri Club.

Most insurers will want you to list all your bikes and really what that means is that you are paying as if you are riding them all in one go! We don’t. We cover your collection of bikes at home against theft under our contents policy, then away from home, we insure you for a monetary amount (removing the need to list everything) to cover any bikes and personal possessions you take away worldwide.

We like to think that our offering is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective on the market, developed with additional benefits to suit the needs of triathletes whether you compete in Sprint, Olympic, Ironman or other length triathlon/duathlon, such as:

  • Crash damage when commuting, training, competing and in transition
  • Worldwide cover for your bikes and accessories
  • Damage to bike in bike box
  • Loss of Race fees


What’s more if you’re competing abroad in races including Ironman, Challenge series or ETU European and World Championships, we can arrange your triathlon travel insurance, and if you don’t want injury to stop your season, we can get you back on your bike in no time with our private healthcare insurance.

Don’t forget to check out our affiliates’ page – we’re linked to Welsh Triathlon and a number of triathlon events and clubs, which could mean you can save money on your policy.

If you have any questions on our policy, we’d love to hear from you.

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