Medical Declaration

You must comply with the following to have the full protection of Travel Plus. Read our medical declaration.

You will NOT be covered under Cancellation or Curtailment Charges, Emergency Medical & Other Expenses, Hospital Inconvenience Benefit and Personal Accident if when you buy Travel Plus you have not adhered to our medical declaration as follows:

are not fit to travel

are on a waiting list or are awaiting investigations, test results or inpatient hospital treatment

have received a terminal prognosis

are travelling against the advice of a medical practitioner

have knowledge of the need for surgery, inpatient treatment or investigations

are travelling specifically for surgery or treatment

are aware of a medical condition but have not received a diagnosis

are travelling against any health requirements stipulated by your transport provider

Medical Declaration – You will need to declare each traveller’s medical condition(s) if anyone:

within the last 5 years has been diagnosed or treated (including prescribed medication) for more than one of the following:

asthma (requiring no hospital admission and no supplementary oxygen)

diabetes (if well controlled and no associated conditions)

high blood pressure/hypertension

high cholesterol

within the last 2 years has:

been treated as a hospital inpatient or been referred to, or in the care of, a specialist consultant

within the last 5 years has been treated (including prescribed medication) for:

a breathing condition (including asthma where a hospital admission or supplementary oxygen is required)

a heart related condition (including angina)

a renal/kidney or liver related condition

a circulatory condition (other than high blood pressure/hypertension and high cholesterol)

within the last 5 years has been diagnosed or treated (including prescribed medication):

for a malignant condition e.g. cancer

I do not wish to carry out Medical Screening at this time.

Please select this if your client needs to be screened but you do not wish to carry out the medical screening. Once you save this quotation your client can call 0845 230 5555 providing the quotation reference and PJ Hayman will carry out the screening, collect any medical screening fee (if applicable) and issue any medical screening confirmation direct to your client.

If your client’s condition has been accepted, P J Hayman will then ask your client to call you back to take out the policy.

Please note: the medical screening will only be valid once the policy is taken out and travel insurance premium paid to you.

Quotations (including medical screening quotation) will be available for 31 days only.

I confirm that I have read out the declaration (above) to the Applicant who has confirmed that they fully understand the terms and conditions of the policy and have authorised me to proceed on their behalf.


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