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Ride in confidence with Pedalcover Triathlete Healthcare Insurance

Insurance for peace of mind if you get injured or can’t compete in Triathlon events. When you’ve trained hard for your big competition, paid the entry fee and booked your flights and accommodation, what happens when you get an injury and you can’t compete?

Do you find yourself suddenly asking whether your health insurance covers you if you can no longer compete? The answer from your typical insurance provider is generally, no!

Pedalcover Triathlete private healthcare insurance is designed to give you access to treatment quickly and comfortably, with greater flexibility about where and when you receive treatment.

• Access to the best medical attention quickly
• Avoid losing out on flights and expenses
• Access to over 250 well-equipped hospitals throughout the UK
• Access to over 24,000 recognised consultants & other medical practitioners

With recent NHS figures showing high numbers of patients waiting medical treatment, there has never been a better time to consider a private medical insurance policy. We’ll have you back in action in no time.

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