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Mountain bike travel insurance

Mountain bike travel insurance is a must-have if mountain biking is the primary purpose of your holiday or trip, especially if you’re taking part in a timed event.

Typical travel insurance excludes anything other than leisure riding. If you’re shredding trails in Morzine, you need a specialist mountain bike travel insurance to cover the costs of medical mishaps.

Our MTB holiday insurance covers emergency medical and repatriation if you have an accident riding abroad including mountain rescue if it is a medical necessity. The policy also has a generous cancellation cover and Covid covers as standard.

Mountain bike travel insurance reviews

Mountain bike travel insurance

Travel insurance for
mountain biking holidays

If you are planning a mountain biking holiday, you need to make sure you have sufficient travel insurance for cycling.

Pedal Cover travel insurance will cover you for medical mishaps and emergencies on your cycling holiday, along with essential covers like cancelled trips, lost luggage and holiday money. 

We cover all forms of mountain biking as standard including downhill and enduro, and essential mountain biking cover such as mountain rescue if you are severely injured on a trail.

What activities does mountain bike holiday insurance cover?

If you’re riding mountain bikes overseas, particularly if you’re heading to MTB resorts in the Alps or North America, a “high street” travel insurance is almost certainly unsuitable. along with full cover while mountain biking, we also cover:

Cycling disciplines

Included as standard
  • BMX Racing
    (recognised track only)
  • Criterium Racing
  • Cycle Touring / Bike Packing
  • Cyclocross
  • Downhill Mountain Biking (incl. racing)
  • Gravel Riding
  • Leisure Cycling

Cycling disciplines

Included as standard
  • Mountain Biking
    (all mountain, enduro, freeride, slopestyle, speed & style, cross country, four-cross, marathon, pump track, and trail riding)
  • Multi-stage / Ultra Endurance Cycling Events
    (e.g. RAAM/ Haute Route/ Transcontinental)
  • Road Cycling
    (charity events, gran fondo, road racing, sportives, time trials and training holidays)
  • Track Cycling
  • Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquabike
    (half ironman distance, ironman distance, olympic distance, sprint distance and training holidays)

Our mountain bike travel insurance cover explained

Our travel insurance covers everything you’d expect from a premium travel policy and other benefits unique to a mtb travel insurance provider—Below is a summary. Before buying any insurance policy, you should read the policy wording and understand the requirements and limits of cover.

Covering medical mishaps while mountain biking is crucial and is the primary feature of our mtb holidayl insurance. It is also frequently missing from standard travel insurance policies. We cover the costs of emergency medical care to £10 million.

Our travel insurance policies include cover for Covid 19, emergency medical care, and other expenses such as cancellation and curtailment related to COVID 19.

We have a separate section below explaining the cover; click here.

We will cover up to £5,000 for your travel and accommodation costs if you have to cancel your cycling holiday due to unforeseen illness or injury. Unlike standard travel insurance, our cycle holiday insurance also covers you for withdrawing due to an injury that prevents you from cycling on the trip, even if you could fly.

Remember, this policy doesn’t cover your bicycle. For this, you can purchase our bundled home and bike insurance, or we offer a no strings attached rolling monthly cycle insurance.

We cover repatriation for your bike if you have to return home in an emergency. Bike hire if your bike fails to arrive or is stolen, and cover for your race fee if you have to withdraw or the event is cancelled due to bad weather. All these are included as standard on our mtb travel policies.

If you damage somebody’s property or injure another rider while cycling, you could find yourself liable for damages. Every Pedal Cover travel product includes £2 million public liability cover while cycling on a trip, including in races.

Whether you want a one-off policy for a cycling trip or a multi-trip policy for the whole year, we can put together a package to suit you.

Some travel insurance policies include limited cover for cycling. You should check the small print; there are usually severe exclusions, particularly for racing or serious training. We can cover you for a family cycling holiday, training camp, during events such as Mallorca 312 or even downhill mountain biking.

Cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation are all covered as standard for winter activities for up to 17 days a year on our annual package. You get benefits like loss or damage to ski equipment, lost ski passes, avalanche cover or resort closure.

If you injure yourself by cycling abroad, our cycle travel insurance will cover the costs of repatriating you back to the UK.

We include cover up to £250 for lost or delayed baggage, up to £500 for holiday money, and up to £5,000 for valuables (which includes cycling clothing, helmets and shoes).

We cover cycling gadgets, for example, your Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro or other high-value electrical items. Please read the policy to know you’re getting the right cover for your trip and activities.

Our Mountain bike holiday
insurance at a glance

Our policies have all the covers you’d expect from top-notch travel insurance and cover almost all cycling activities. Remember, this policy doesn’t cover your bicycle. For this, you can purchase our bundled home and bike insurance, or we also offer a no strings attached rolling monthly cycle insurance.

Core travel section

Trip Cancellation£5,000
Medical Expenses£10m
Dental Treatment£250
Hospital Benefit£500
Travel Documents£250
Delayed Baggage£250
Personal Money£500
Travel Delay£250
Holiday Abandonment£5,000
Missed Departure£1,000
Loss of Limbs or Sight£20,000
Permanent Disablement£20,000
Death Benefit£10,000
Personal Liability£2m

Cycle specific covers

Emergency Cycle Hire£500
Race Fee Cancellation Cover£500
Cycle Breakdown Benefit£200
Cycle Repatriation Benefit£250
Gadget Cover£2,000

Winter sports (annual only)

Ski Equipment£350
Ski Hire£300
Ski Pack£200
Piste Closure£300
Delay due to Avalanche£300

Whatever your needs, we have you covered

Mountain bike travel insurance

Single trip or an annual policy?

It is cheaper to purchase an annual policy if you plan to take a few trips over the course of a year, while still providing coverage for every race, and training camp you attend overseas.

Our annual policies also cover winter sports, so buying an annual travel insurance policy before your summer bike trip could save you the trouble of finding another insurer.

However, if you have ‘standard’ travel insurance for most of the year, but need a top-up for a training camp, then one of our single trip policies might be best.

Do you need competition cover?

Cyclists taking part in races, tours, triathlons and charity events will need to consider choosing a policy with competition cover. If you have a crash during a competition or are injured, you need coverage for liability and medical costs. Most other travel insurance suppliers exclude competitions, but it’s available with us.

We even offer you cover if you have to withdraw from an event, which prevents you from being out of pocket for expensive entry fees. Make sure you choose the correct cycling activity on our product to ensure you get this cover.

Mountain bike travel insurance

What Covid-19 Covers does
your cycling travel insurance provide?

We can hopefully answer all your questions related to Our covid-19 covers here

Yes, all medical emergencies and associated costs will be covered.

Yes, you must have gotten an inoculation or vaccination against Coronavirus as recommended by the World Health Organization or the health authority in your country of residency to be compensated for any expenses incurred from contracting the disease.

The above is true for every contagious disease for which the World Health Organization or your country’s health authority recommends an inoculation or immunisation. Travellers to portions of Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, for example, are advised to get a Yellow Fever vaccine, and you would need to show proof of this vaccination to submit a claim for any expenditures incurred as a result of catching the disease while on vacation.

Yes, as long as you’re all covered by our insurance and all asked to quarantine. To confirm the quarantine order, you must be able to present medical evidence from the treating doctor or the local authority.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Coronavirus and are unable to travel, you’ll be covered as long as your doctor confirms the diagnosis and your inability to travel.

The policy covers cancellation as long as you have documented evidence from your airline that you were denied boarding because you were showing symptoms of a contagious condition.

If you have a valid cancellation claim, the cancellation section will refund you for all non-recoverable fees, including Visas, but only for the length of your cancelled trip.

No, if the UK is put in ‘Lockdown’ once again, there will be no coverage under the insurance for cancellation claims.

No, any charges (accommodation/travel) incurred in the event that the country you are visiting is “locked down” would not be covered.

If you can show medical proof that you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or have been directly exposed to Coronavirus, you will be compensated for any additional lodging or travel expenditures.

Any essential medical expenses, as well as any additional travel or accommodation charges, are covered under the medical expenses part of the insurance.

The policy will cover you if a close family is diagnosed with Coronavirus and becomes extremely ill, necessitating your presence due to medical reasons. Their doctor will have to sign off on this.

Your insurance will cover the cost of any additional lodging incurred while you are under quarantine based on your unique symptoms or probable COVID-19 exposure, but it will not reimburse any pre-booked lodging fees. If you have any unused pre-booked and paid for excursions that are non-refundable, your insurance will reimburse you less the standard policy excess if you can provide documentary evidence to support the quarantine order from either the government, a public authority in the country you are visiting, or the treating doctor.

If you travel somewhere that is against FCDO guidelines, you will not be covered.

If you bought your single trip travel insurance before the change in FCDO guidelines and have not yet left, your policy will no longer give any coverage. You have the option of deferring your policy’s coverage period or requesting a full refund of your money.

If you bought your single trip policy before the change in FCDO advise and have already left, full policy coverage will apply as long as you follow all UK, local government, or equivalent instructions.

If after looking through the Covid-19 information you can’t find the answer you are looking for you can click our live chat open Mon to Fri from 9 am to 5 pm



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