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While we finalise our new and improved product, our colleagues at Yellow Jersey will offer short term and annual quotes to any new customers.
If you are an existing customer, Millstream will continue insuring you until your policy expires, including making adjustments and administering claims.

mountain bike travel Insurance built FOR THE TRAILS

Mountain biking travel insurance is a must-have, no matter what sort of riding you’re are doing.

Cover for emergency medical care if you hurt yourself cycling is excluded from most travel insurance policies, but not ours. We will give you the peace of mind that you’ll have financial cover if something goes wrong and won’t be left stranded.

On our new and improved insurance, you can add cover for theft and accidental damage for bikes up to £5k on any of our single trip policies!

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MTB travel INSURANCE BUILT FOR the trails

If you are planning a mountain bike holiday, you need to make sure you have sufficient travel insurance. Our travel insurance will cover you for medical mishaps and emergencies on your cycling holiday, along with essential covers like cancelled trips, lost luggage and holiday money.
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Mountain biking travel insurance is a must-have, no matter what sort of riding you’re are doing. Cover for medical mishaps while riding is absolutely crucial and is the primary feature of our cycling travel insurance. It is also frequently missing from standard travel insurance policies. We cover the costs of emergency medical care from £5 million up to £10 million.

On our policies, you will be covered for cancellation of your trip if you or anyone on the policy contracts COVID within 14 days of the trip start date, or whilst on the trip. You can add Denial of Boarding cover too, which covers you if you contract COVID whilst on the trip and cannot board your return flight.

We will cover you up to £5,000 for your travel and accommodation costs if you have to cancel your cycling holiday due to something unforeseen such as illness or injury. Our Performance and Podium tiers also cover you for cancelling due to an injury that prevents you from cycling on the trip, even if you could fly.

With our single trip policies, you can add up to £5k cover for your mountain bike. We cover theft and damage whilst on your trip. We can’t cover bikes on our annual multi-trip policy though. For annual bike cover, you should purchase our home insurance for mountain bikers.

We offer roadside recovery if you have a mechanical and need to make it back to the hotel, repatriation for your mountain bike if you have to return home in an emergency, mountain bike hire if your bike fails to arrive or is stolen, and cover for your race fee if you have to withdraw or the event is cancelled due to bad weather. On single trip policies, these are optional covers that accompany the bike insurance, but are included as standard on our annual policies.

If you damage somebody’s property or injure another mountain biker while cycling, you could find yourself liable for damages. Every Pedal Cover travel product includes £2 million public liability cover while mountain biking on a trip, including in races.

Whether you want a one-off policy for a mountain bike holiday or a multi-trip policy for the whole year, we can put together a package to suit you.

Some travel insurance policies include limited cover for cycling. You should check the small print; there are usually serious exclusions particularly for racing or serious training. We can cover you for a family cycling holiday, training camp, during events such as the Megavalanche or even downhill mountain biking. You just need to select the type of activity in our quote journey.

Active people rarely restrict themselves to a single sport, and we know a lot of our customers swap their mountain bikes for snow boards or skis in the winter. To save you buying a second specialist travel policy, you can add additional winter sports cover on annual policies.​Cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation are all covered as standard for winter activities, so long as you select the right sporting activity pack. You can add cover to your policy for benefits like loss or damage to ski equipment, lost ski pass, avalanche cover or resort closure.

If you injure yourself cycling abroad, our mountain bike holiday insurance will cover the costs of repatriating you back to the UK.

We include cover up to £450 for lost or delayed baggage, up to £300 for holiday money, up to £500 for valuables and up to £3,000 for possessions (which includes cycling clothing, helmets and shoes).

If you want to cover your Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro or other high-value electrical items, you can add this cover to your policy so you know you’re getting the right cover for your trip and your activities.

COMPARE mountain bike TRAVEL INSURANCE tiers

Our cycle travel insurance policy has three levels of cover: our value-tier Sprint, our mid-tier Standard and our top-tier Ultra, which gives you a little extra. Our policies have all the covers you'd expect from top-notch travel insurance, as well as covering any cycling activity (just make sure you choose the correct sports pack). We also have optional extras, like covering your bike on our single trip policies or adding your gadgets abroad. You can see what's covered in the tables below and compare our three levels.

CancellationLimit / Excess Limit / Excess Limit / Excess
If you are unable to go on your trip£1,000 / £100£2,500 / £75£5,000 / £50
If you are unable to take part in the activityNo Cover£2,500 / £75£5,000 / £50
If your scheduled airline fails before you leave home£750 / £0£1,000 /£0£1,500 / £0
Trip Disruption Limit / Excess Limit / Excess Limit / Excess
If you are delayed£100 / £0£100 / £0£200 / £0
If you miss your departure or onward connection£500 / £100£750 / £75£1,000 / £50
If you decide to abandon your travel plans£1,000 / £100£2,500 / £75£5,000 / £50
If your scheduled airline fails while you are away£750 / £0£1,000 / £0£1,500 / £0
If a natural disaster occurs during your trip£500 / £100£750 / £75£1,000 / £0
If you need additional pet care due to a delay on your return journeyNo Cover£250 /£0£250 / £0
Medical & Curtailment Limit / Excess Limit / Excess Limit / Excess
If you need emergency medical treatment abroad£5m / £100£7.5m / £75£10m / £50
If you need to be brought home£200,000 / £100£200,000 / £75£200,000 / £50
If you are buried or cremated abroad£3,000 / £100£4,000 / £75£5,000 / £50
If you are admitted to a public hospital£500 / £0£750 / £0£750 / £0
If you need dental & physiotherapy treatment after you have returned homeNo Cover£250 / £75£250 / £50
If you are taken ill or injured in your home country£2,000 / £100£2,000 / £75£2,000 / £50
If you have to cut short your trip£1,000 / £100£2,500 / £75£5,000 / £50
Possessions Limit / Excess Limit / Excess Limit / Excess
If your checked-in baggage is delayed£200 / £0£300 / £0£450 / £0
If your valuables are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged£300 / £100£400 / £75£500 / £50
If your other possessions are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged£1,500 / £100£2,000 / £75£3,000 / £50
If your cash or event tickets are lost or stolen£300 / £100£300 / £75£300 / £50
If you need emergency travel documents£300 / £100£300 / £75£300 / £50
Legal & Personal Accident Limit / Excess Limit / Excess Limit / Excess
If you need legal advice£25,000 / £0£25,000 / £0£25,000 / £0
If you are killed, injured or disabled following an accident£5,000 / £0£10,000 / £0£15,000 / £0
If you are held legally liable for injury or damage£2m / £100£2m/ £75£2m / £50

Only single trip insurance has optional cover for the bike itself. Annual does not.

If you cannot use your bicycle for more than 24 hours£150£300£500Nil
If you need to collect your bicycle after you have returned home£150£250£350Nil
If you need roadside recovery£100£150£200Nil
If you are unable to participate on the day of an event£250£500£1,000Nil

optional covers

Below are the covers you can add for an additional premium.

When choosing a bike tier it does not need to match the core cover tier. i.e you can have a Ultra Travel policy with a Bronze bike tier or a Sprint Travel policy with Gold bike cover. This bicycle cover needs to be added to every traveller individually.
Only single trip insurance has cover for the bike. Annual does not.

Cover Bronze Silver Gold Excess
If your bicycle is lost, stolen or damaged up to £1,500 up to £3,000 up to £5,000 As per policy
If you cannot use your bicycle for more than 24 hours £150 £300 £500 Nil
If you need to collect your bicycle after you have returned home £150 £250 £350 Nil
If you need roadside recovery £100 £150 £200 Nil
If you are unable to participate on the day of an event £250 £500 £1,000 Nil
Cover Level 1 Level 2 Excess
If your gadgets are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged £1,000 £2,000 £50
Unauthorised calls and data usage £750 £1,000 £50
Cover Limit Excess
If your own or hired ski equipment is lost, stolen or damaged £1,000 As per policy
If your ski equipment is delayed over 24 hours £500 Nil
If you are unable to use your pre-paid ski pack £500 Nil
If your ski resort is closed £1,000 Nil
If an avalanche occurs £1,000 Nil
If you lose your ski pack £500 As per policy
Cover Limit Excess
If you were denied boarding on your return flight due to an infectious disease, inc. COVID £560 Nil


We cover all forms of cycling from leisure cycling to downhill mountain bike racing. You just need to select the correct activity type in your quote, so that you get the right cover. If you do not select the correct cycling activity, you will not be covered for it.

Sports Pack 1

Included as standard
  • Cycle Touring 
    (single country)
  • Incidental Cycling
    (on roads only)
  • Leisure Cycling
    (on roads only)
  • Road Cycling 
    (excl. racing)

Sports Pack 2

  • Aquabike 
    (incl. racing)
  • Bike Packing 
    (single country only)
  • Cycle Touring 
    (max 3 countries)
  • Duathlon
    (incl. racing)
  • Grand Fondos
  • Gravel Riding
    (excl. racing)
  • Sportives
  • Triathlon
    (incl. racing)
  • Time Trial
    (incl. racing)

Sports Pack 3

  • Bike Packing 
    (max 3 countries)
  • Cyclocross 
    (incl. racing)
  • Gravel Racing
  • Mountain Biking
    (excl. racing, &. down hilling)
  • Road Racing
    (excl. criterium)

Sports Pack 4

  • Bike Packing 
    (multi continent expeditions)
  • BMX Freestyle
  • Criterium Racing
  • Cycle Touring
    (multi continent expeditions)
  • Mountain Bike Racing
  • Downhill MTB (incl. racing)
  • Multi-stage or Ultra Endurance
    (eg. RAAM/ Haute Route/ Transcontinental)
  • Track Cycling (incl. racing)

How long do you require cover for?

The first thing to consider is for what duration you will need your mountain bike holiday insurance. If you go on multiple trips a year or participate in an annual race abroad? You can save money by choosing an insurance provider covering numerous trips in one annual policy. As well as offering better value for money, there are many other reasons why a multi-trip policy makes sense.

However, if you have ‘standard’ travel insurance for most of the year, but need a top-up for a training camp, then one of our single trip policies might be better for you.

Do you need competition cover?

Mountain bikers taking part in races, tours, and charity events will need to consider choosing a policy with competition cover. If you have a crash during a competition or are injured, you need coverage for liability and medical costs. Most other travel insurance suppliers exclude competitions, but it’s available with us.

We even offer you cover if you have to withdraw from an event, which prevents you from being out of pocket for expensive entry fees. Make sure you choose the correct cycling activity on our product to ensure you get this cover.

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Cycle travel insurance

Is your bike insured?

On all of our short term policies, you can now add cover for your bike for up to £5k. Each traveller can add a bike too, covering theft, loss or accidental damage of their bike. By adding a bike to the policy, you also get roadside recovery, bike repatriation, emergency bike hire and race fee cover.

We cannot provide bike cover on our annual policies though. We feel you should cover them under a specific bicycle product year round, such as our home insurance for cyclists. Your helmets, cycling clothing and simple cycle accessories are covered as standard under the general possessions limit.

If you want protection for GoPros or GPS computers, you can add this by including our optional gadget cover.

mountain bike Holiday Insurance FAQs

Most high street travel insurance policies are designed to cover the basics; things like delayed flights, lost baggage, and holiday money. However, they are not intended to cover the additional risks of cycling holidays and usually excludes cover for medical mishaps if you fall off your bike.

Our mountain bike holiday insurance does the things you’d expect compared to a bank insurer, plus it has additional cover for cycling. The extra cycling protection includes emergency medical care, repatriation if you have a crash riding or racing, and third party liability for all forms of cycling. More basic policies won’t be able to cover your expensive cycling equipment, roadside recovery, additional hire bikes or race entry fees.

If you have an annual policy in place, you may find our single trip policies are a great top up.

Our policies cover you for cancellation if you or anyone on the policy contracts COVID within 14 days of the trip start date or whilst on the trip.

You can add Denial of Boarding cover too, which covers you if you contract COVID whilst on the trip and cannot board your return flight.

There is no cover for cancellation if a country changes its border entry requirements or if the FCDO advises against all but essential travel to the country after you booked your trip. At the moment, we suggest booking through a package travel provider to get full coverage under their insurance if they have to cancel or postpone your trip.  

On all of our single trip policies, each traveller can add cover for their bike for up to £5k. This covers the bike for theft, loss or accidental damage. By adding the bike to their policy, each traveller will also get roadside recovery, bike repatriation, emergency bike hire and race fee cover.

We cannot provide bike cover on our annual policies though, as we feel your bikes should be covered under a specific bicycle product for your year round requirements, such as our Home insurance built for cycling.

Your helmet, shoes, clothing and other general cycling accessories are automatically covered under the general possessions limit. Higher value electric gadgets such as GoPros or GPS computers can be added under our additional gadget cover.

We can cover training camps as well as timed events for example the Megavalanche. Make sure to select the appropriate level of cover when completing your online mountain bike travel insurance quote.

An annual travel insurance policy allows individual trips of up to 31, 45 or 60 days through the year depending on the options you select on our online quote form. If you are going to be away for more than 60 days in a trip, or have standard travel insurance elsewhere, our single trip travel insurance is available for up to 120 days.

Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered as standard under our policy. You will need to notify us of the condition if you want cover for it whilst on your trip. Depending on the condition, it might just be noted against your policy or you may have to pay an additional premium to ensure you’re covered for claims arising from that condition. You should select ‘Yes’ when prompted and you will be contacted after the sale where you can let us know about your medical requirements.

You may choose simply to notify us about the condition, and accept that there is no cover for claims arising from that condition. It’s completely up to you. If you state ‘No’ when asked if you have any conditions to declare, this may affect your claim in due course should it transpire you had a pre-existing condition.

Although we believe our policies are excellent value for money, we want always to put our customers and their needs first. Therefore, if you feel as though the price you have been quoted for additional medical coverage is too high, or you cannot find cover with us, we wanted to let you know that you can access several specialist providers on a directory provided by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS). We have a page that explains this in far greater detail HERE.