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Motorhome insurance for cyclists doesn't get better than this

Our motorhome insurance will ensure that all your wheels are protected when you’re on the road.

We love hitting the open road, whether on our bikes or in our campers, and we know you do too. We are all seeking new rides and trails, heading off for new adventures and races, or even parking up on a mountain to cheer on the professionals in a grand tour.

Pedal Cover can build you a bespoke policy; we deal with a panel of motorhome insurance companies that offer fantastic benefits.

Please speak to a member of our team for a quote. 

Motorhome insurance reviews

Our motorhome insurance cover at a glance

We will replace or repair your motorhome if it is stolen or damaged up to the vehicle’s value. We work with only the best insurers. We vet our insurers and make sure they offer a fast and fair claims service.

Some of our insurers include unlimited cover for in-vehicle navigation equipment and audio and visual equipment, which is permanently fitted and standard specification. Removable equipment can be covered whilst attached to your motorhome.

We have policies that insure your personal belongings up to £5000 if damaged or stolen due to an accident, fire or theft.

If you leave your motorhome, your belongings must be locked in the boot or glove box out of sight.

Please note personal belongings cover does not cover bikes, look at our home and bicycle insurance if you need additional bike cover.

We can include the repair or replacement of windscreens and windows. What’s more, with most insurers, making an isolated claim for windows will not affect your no-claims bonus.

We hope you won’t have an accident, but we want to look after you if you do. All our insurers include unlimited liability cover if you cause an accident which results in damage or the death or injury of anyone.

Motorhomes are made to travel, and that’s what we want you to be able to do. All policies we sell allow you to travel within the European Community; there might be a limit to the number of days.

Don’t worry; Brexit doesn’t affect this. You can still travel, but you might need to double-check entry requirements as they may change.

We can include up to £100,000 of legal expenses in respect of claims for the pursuit of

As long as you do not claim on the policy, we will offer you a discount on your renewal quote. Do remember though, that this does not guarantee you will get a reduction on historical prices.

motor home and caravan insurance mountains

Comprehensive motorhome cover to keep you and your vehicle on the road

We know that lots of cyclists love to travel with their bikes and a motorhome is often the easiest way to do this. Whether you’re driving to a race, or taking the family on holiday, we’ve got a premium policy that will look after you should you get into difficulty. 

European cover included as standard

We love the UK (especially Wales) but we’re lucky enough to be driving distance away from some beautiful places in Europe. We can include cover in any country within the European Community as standard.

Pedalcover Motorhome Policy

Welcome to our motorhome
insurance FAQ section

We can hopefully answer all your questions related the motorhome insurance products we offer. For customers with questions about other policies, you should go to the relevant product page or contact the team.

Yes, in the unfortunate scenario that your motorhome is stolen, all the insurers we work with will pay you the market rate, at the time, for the insured vehicle. 

Yes, absolutely. You can take your motorhome to any country within the European Community or if outside of this if referred and agreed by the insurer.

Our motorhome policy is primarily set up to look after your motorhome in the case of damage or theft. 

Please look at our other products, which can cover your bikes worldwide.

You can cancel your policy at any point in the 14-day cooling-off period after purchase or at renewal. 

If you would like to cancel the policy outside of this period, you may do so as long as you have not incurred any eligible claims (except for a windscreen)

In this event, we will keep an amount premium in proportion to your time on cover and refund the rest, less a broker fee.

No, you won’t be however we may be able to arrange a separate breakdown cover. 

Yes we do, however the conversion has to be done professionally and the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA as a motorhome. 

Absolutely; thank you for being a loyal customer! When we quote your motorhome insurance, please let the team know, and we will halve our usual arrangement fee. 

If after looking through the FAQs you can’t find the answer you are looking for you can click our live chat open Mon to Fri from 9 am to 5 pm

How to save on your motorhome insurance

Death and taxes are unavoidable; additionally, if you own a motorhome, you must pay for insurance. With so many Insurance companies, trying to get a decent quote tailored to your individual needs can be hugely frustrating. Here is some helpful advice on things to look out for when navigating the internet to obtain a quote.

You are here, so you have already worked this one out yourself!

Yes, just like your car, it is a legal requirement for your motorhome or campervan to have insurance if on the road. You can SORN your vehicle if it’s not in use via the DVLA but if it is on the road, you will need both tax and insurance.

Generally, there are three categories:

Third-Party insurance is the minimum legal requirement you’ll need to drive on UK roads; this will only cover compensating other people for injury or damage you cause to them or their vehicle.

Third-Party Fire and Theft insurance offers the same level of cover as third-party but provides cover if your motorhome is stolen, damaged or destroyed by fire.

Fully Comprehensive insurance includes cover for all of the above but could also cover your motorhome if damaged or destroyed by an event that’s your fault.

In addition to what types of cover, you will also have to specify how you will use your motorhome. The choices are likely to be Social Domestic and Pleasure Only, Social Domestic and Pleasure including Commuting, or Class One business use.

Some Insurers will include as standard an element of European cover within their policies.

A quick search for a motorhome on eBay will throw up a massive variation of vehicles, and there is generally a policy out there to suit most vehicles, whether it is a motorhome, camper van, coach-built, conversion, high roof, pop top, RV, schoolbus the list goes on and on.

Insurers are more in tune these days, and getting insurance for a van conversion is far easier than it used to be. The primary rating factor with Insurers is the cost of the vehicle, and sometimes you can arrange an agreed valuation at the outset of your policy.

When you take out your insurance, you will generally add an excess you need to pay when making a claim, and this is often something you can increase to bring down the premium cost. The higher excess you agree to take on, the cheaper the insurance price. 

Often, insurers see that Van is usually work-related, whereby having a Camper is a leisure vehicle and will be used less, so it is priced accordingly. 

Important things to consider when buying Motorhome Insurance

  • Value of your vehicle (how much will it cost to replace? Values have risen considerably of late, and if you have to replace it, you do not want to end up out of pocket)
  • What level of cover do you want (If you buy a very expensive motorhome, you are going to want to be fully covered for all eventualities)
  • New for Old Cover (optional extra that you will be charged for)
  • European cover (often included as standard; however, some don’t offer this as standard, and if you have no intention of travelling overseas, you may be able to reduce your premium)
  • Modifications (Bike Racks, Alloys, Awnings, Stereo you may need to let your insurers know of any additions which may have a bearing on your premium)
  • Breakdown (The last thing you want is to be left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Breakdown is an add-on with most insurers; it is sometimes cheaper to do it this way as opposed to a separate policy, make sure you check that they cover the age of your vehicle and weight)
  • Security (additional security will probably help reduce your cost)
  • Contents (many policies will offer some level of cover for your contents in the vehicle, some in line with the value of the vehicle, it is also worth checking your home insurance policy to see what is covered, you may want to leave some non-essentials at home)

Tips for getting a lower price for your Motorhome/Camper Insurance

  1. Fit a tracker (many insurers will reduce your premium if a tracker is fitted, although maybe an upfront outlay may benefit you in the long term)
  2. Add other Security Devices (as well as a tracker; adding other security devices may lower your premium, additional door locks, for instance)
  3. Mileage (insurers will assess the premium on how much you will use your vehicle, so it’s important not to overestimate, as you can see from used vehicles sales, most motorhomes do a lot fewer miles than the family car)
  4. Only pay for what you need, do not add additional drivers if they are unlikely to use the vehicle or pay for European cover if you know you will not be travelling abroad.
  5. Fit a reversing camera (these are increasingly cheaper and can be a relatively straightforward DIY job, some insurers will reduce premium if you have one fitted, so it’s a reasonable consideration as well as making parking that little bit easier)
  6. Join a Campervan or Motorhome Club ( Sometimes joining a club will have deals for members)

Common Exclusions on motorhome insurance

  • You are responsible for the first part of the claim (the excess).
  • Loss or damage of your motorhome if left unattended with the keys in the ignition.
  • Loss or damage resulting from any window, roof opening or removable roof panel being left open or unlocked.
  • Loss or damage arising from your motorhome being driven by someone other than the named driver(s) on the Certificate of Motor Insurance.
  • Damage arising from wear and tear.
  • Loss of vehicle value following a repair
  • Loss or damage to the motorhome caused by insects, pets, or vermin. Vermin and insects are defined as rats, mice, squirrels, owls, pigeons, foxes, bees, wasps, and hornets.

Common additional charges

Most insurers charge for changes, and you may also be charged an additional premium. For example, you could expect to pay the following:
  • Policy cancellation – £40.00 (although there is usually a 14-day cooling-off period from the date of purchase).
  • Mid-Term Adjustments (adding a driver, change of vehicle) – £30.00
  • Incorrect information amendment – £15.

Motorhome Breakdown Cover

Outside your house, your motorhome is likely to be your most valuable asset; if it breaks down, you want to be sure that you can either get it home or to a trusted garage. Look out for exclusions, including the age of the vehicle and weight. If going abroad, you will want to make sure what the policy covers as you will need to consider alternative accommodation if your vehicle needs to be in the garage anytime. If cost is an issue



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