Pedal Cover

The humble push bike has come a long way since the German Draisine of the early 19th century or the marvellous Penny Farthing of the Victorian era. Carbon frames, deep section wheels, aero bars, electronic gears, dropper seatposts and suspension are just some of the technological advances that mean today’s two wheeled steeds are a far cry from their predecessors. And this also means they cost quite a lot too!

Push Bike Insurance and Home Insurance

As with any valuable item it’s important to make sure your bike is covered by insurance and for many cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes that generally means choosing between two options: Either the bike cover offered by their standard home insurance or a specific bike-only insurance policy. However, there is in fact a third option – combining the best of both of these options into one single bike and home insurance policy. And here are 5 reasons why this third option could be the option for you….

1. It can save you money!

Pedalcover insurance policyCombining both your bike and home insurance in one policy is often a cost-effective way of ensuring you have cover for all of your valuable items. The premium for bike-only policies are generally based on a percentage of the value of the bike and with the price of modern bikes this can often be quite high. Add a separate home insurance policy to that and the overall cost of insuring all of your valuables starts to look expensive. In contrast, the bike and home policy from Pedalcover doesn’t base the cost of the premium on the value of the bike, or bikes, and also includes building and contents insurance for your home at the same time. This combination means that in many cases the premium is lower than the combined cost of two policies.

2. The level of cover

Standard home insurance and bike-only policies come with a variety of limitations and exclusions that, when you analyse the small print, don’t really provide the level of cover that a cyclist needs. Whether that’s a limit on the value of the bike or strict rules on where the bike can be used, kept or left, many of these policies are too restrictive and impractical. Our bike and home policy places no limit on the value of the bike, or bikes, that are covered and also has many other features as standard that are particularly pertinent to cyclists – public liability insurance, crash damage and even cycle breakdown cover, to name but a few.

Pedalcover Bike and Home insurance

3. All of your bikes covered by one policy

Unlike many standard home insurance and bike-only policies, the Pedalcover bike and home insurance covers all of the bikes in a household. There is no limit on the number or value of the bikes, they are all covered by one single policy.

 4. Cut the hassle

Let’s face it, you’d rather be out on your bike than sorting out insurance! Having more than one policy means spending more time liaising with multiple different insurance providers about multiple policies all of which are likely to have different renewal dates. By simplifying this process and opting for a combined bike and home insurance policy you’re taking advantage of the power of one – one provider, one policy, one price and one renewal date!

5. Insurance designed for Cyclists, Mountain Bikers & Triathletes

Lucy Charles Pedalcover InsuranceThe Pedalcover policies have been put together by our team of cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes and so offer features that are most relevant to people like us! Unlike a standard home insurance policy in which bikes are treated like any other possession, our policies cater specifically for cyclists and their bikes. We love our bikes, and we know you do too, and that’s why we’ve created insurance cover to match.

Find out how combining your home and bike insurance policies could benefit you, contact the Pedalcover team or get a quote, now.