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How Good is your Mountain Bike Insurance?

Your mountain bike is your prized possession. You’ve invested your hard earned money in it and in return it’s seen you through numerous adventures, giving it sentimental value too. With this in mind, it’s only sensible to get your mountain bike insured. But be aware, not every mountain bike insurance policy will offer the level of cover you need. Here we uncover the hidden pitfalls of mtb bike insurance policies and highlight what you should be looking for when taking one out.

MTB bike insurance – always check the small print!

It goes without saying that many mountain bike insurance policies contain small print but have you taken the time to read it properly? You see, many mtb bike insurance companies sneakily slip specific restrictions into their small print that can often mislead mountain bikers into thinking they’re covered, when actually, they’re not.

Does it include downhill biking?

Although a comprehensive mountain bike insurance policy should include crash damage cover, you’ll need to check if there are exclusions. For example, many policies will not offer crash damage cover if you are partaking in downhill mountain biking.

Similarly, some policies may offer competition cover but specify that downhill mountain racing is not included.

We know reading the small print is a little tedious but it’ll save getting caught out!

How about accessories?

Any serious mountain biker will know their accessories are every bit as important as their bikes but do you know that many insurance policies won’t cover them?

Make sure that accessories like your helmet, spare wheels and lights are fully insured by choosing an inclusive policy. That way you can ride with the peace of mind that you’re fully covered.

Multi mtb bike insurance policies

Another thing to watch out for are mountain bike insurance companies that make you take out additional policies for each of your bikes. It can get pretty expensive!

A knowledgeable insurance company will know that if you’re into mountain biking, you’re bound to have a bit of a collection going on at home. It’s also pretty obvious that unless you have serious skills, you aren’t going to ride more than one bike at a time! With this in mind, they’ll offer a multi-bike policy, so whether you own one bike or ten (we won’t tell) you’ll pay the same price for the same level of cover.

What makes ‘good’ mountain bike insurance?

Hardtail bike on dirt
So now you know what could be hidden in the small print, let’s take a look at some of the more obvious features good mountain bike insurance will include…

Mountain bike theft

We hate to say it but more than 500,000 bikes are stolen every year and unfortunately yours could be next. Don’t risk being out of pocket. Losing your mountain bike is never easy but having theft cover means a replacement is possible.

Personal accident and crash damage

Mountain biking has its risks but the adrenaline rush is one of the reasons we love it, right? No one wants to get injured or trash their bike, but having cover that protects you for personal accident and your bike in the event of crash damage, can give you some peace of mind. Again, when comparing policies it’s worth understanding the exact level of cover that is being provided as these can vary hugely between providers.

Additional mountain bike insurance coverage

If you want the most for your money (who doesn’t) then it’s worth looking for mountain bike insurance that offers extras, such as airline and worldwide coverage, so you can take your mountain bike abroad.

Love to race? Fees don’t come cheap, so a policy that includes race-fee cancellation could be very beneficial. (Especially in Britain where the weather never ceases to surprise us!)

Is your MTB insurance good enough?

So, on reflection, how good is your mountain bike insurance? If it’s not up to scratch, it’s time to change your policy.

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