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Top European mountain bike holiday destinations

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Each of us has our own reasons for cycling, whether it be the thrill of blasting through tree lined singletrack, the freedom of exploring nature, or the excitement of catching air at a local bike park. Nevertheless, we can all agree that mountain biking rocks, and regardless of our initial mood, we usually end up with a muddy smile on our face by the end of the ride. Naturally, its only going to be a matter of time before you want to book some annual leave and take your bike no holiday with you. The only problem is, with so many destinations available, it’s difficult to know where to begin. To help you out, we’ve compiled a brief list of European mountain biking destinations that you should add to your bucket list.


When most people think of summer holidays, they frequently envision a sandy beach with an ice cold drink in hand, gazing out at the ocean. For a mountain biker, the ideal scenario involves dusty trails and thrilling descents (followed by that ice cold drink). But what if you could have both? Finale Ligure, a small town on the Italian Riviera, embodies all of these attributes, making it the ideal holiday spot for both cyclists and sun-seekers. In addition to the fantastic weather and proximity to the sea, Finale is home to the Enduro World Series and some of the greatest trails in the world, making it an incredible European mountain biking destination.

The ideal seasons for a visit to Finale Ligure are Spring and Autumn, when the weather is comfortably warm and the sea is invitingly pleasant. Having the option to stay within a stones throw of the beach, with access to world-class trails at your doorstep, certainly is appealing. While the trails network is already flourishing, the guides and drivers could simply relax and enjoy the benefits. Yet, they are committed to not only preserving the existing trails but also exploring new areas and expanding the trails network. As a result, Finale Ligure is a lasting destination that continues to thrive.

After a satisfying day of riding, unwind at the picturesque town square and enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the beach. Cafe San Pedro is a top choice among riders, offering not only a pleasant ambiance but also a delectable snack selection to satisfy your hunger after a long day in the hills.

Finale Ligure boasts a rich medieval history that you can discover by exploring the charming Finalborgo town located just behind the town centre. Its cobblestone streets are lined with lovely restaurants and shops, providing the perfect opportunity to relax on a rest day during your visit.


Morzine is renowned as a fantastic skiing destination, but the town doesn’t sleep in the summertime. Located in the French Alps, just an hour from Geneva airport, Morzine is a lively mountain town that serves as the central hub for Europe’s largest bike park, The Portes Du Soleil (PDS). The PDS is a collaboration of five bike parks, including Morzine, Les Gets, Super Morzine/Avoriaz, Chatel, and Champery-Morgins, all connected by a chairlift network that allows for maximum shralping during your holiday. It’s easy to see why Morzine has become a top European mountain biking destination, with all these trails and such a breathtaking landscape.

The exceptional trails of the region attract numerous speedy downhill and enduro racers to use Morzine as a base between competitions, but don’t be misled by this. Morzine and the surrounding bike parks have a wide range of trails suitable for both amateurs and professionals. An excellent trail grading system ensures that you can ride the trails that match your ability level and track your progress throughout the week.

For many, riding chairlifts and exploring the bike parks in Morzine is enough. However, for those who crave adventure and don’t mind pedaling, the range of trails is vast. MTB Beds provides superb self-catered and catered accommodations in the town centre, with options for day trips to Pila and La Thuile in the Aosta valley or Samoen at the valley’s bottom.

If the cycling ever becomes overwhelming, there are numerous outdoor activities to experiment with, from rock climbing to white water rafting, ensuring that there is no risk of boredom.


You don’t need to venture outside of the UK to experience breathtaking trails. Scotland is a hidden treasure trove of adventure and trails, kept secret by dedicated trail builders who carve lines through picturesque valleys. Beginning at the Borders, Ae Forest & Innerleithen have been frequently featured in the National Downhill series, and more recently, in the EWS Continental series. These forestry commissioned trails, offer an impressive variety of routes suitable for both casual weekend riders and seasoned racers.

Moving north to the home of ‘Nessie’, we arrive at Fort William, a well-known location that has been a part of the World Cup scene since many of us started riding. This venue is famous for being one of the most physically challenging races of the year, where a downhill bike is still a clear favourite. Despite having few official trails, there are some incredible trails to be discovered off the new black trail “Top Chief” if you’re up for some adventure. Fort William also boasts a full gondola lift, allowing you to complete as many laps as your body permits.

A short drive away from Fort William is the magnificent Laggan Wolftrax Forestry Commission center. With more than 20 miles of bike-specific trails and about the same amount of unofficial trails, Laggan has hosted some of the Scottish Enduro series’ toughest races. While Scotland may not always have sunny weather, with trails like these, does it truly matter?

Image credit MTB Beds



Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago that comprises four distinct islands with diverse terrain. Situated off the northwest coast of Africa, Madeira is renowned for its delicious “Madeiran” wine and cake. The island boasts a tropical climate and spectacular scenery, which gained international recognition after being featured in the 2017 Enduro World Series. The event showcased a wide range of trails, varying in type and features, highlighting the island’s natural beauty. With its highest peak reaching 1862m, mountain biking has thrived, with many trails starting high above the clouds.

Madeira’s warm climate and consistent weather provide a favorable environment for riders to explore trails throughout the year. While the area lacks bike-specific chairlifts, there are numerous uplift and guiding companies available, such as Freeride Madeira and Bike Bus Madeira.

Most of the trails in Madeira are only accessible by pedaling, making it ideal for enduro riders. Nevertheless, Downhill Pros and videographers have been attracted to the island. Loic Bruni’s Gamble segment and Brendan Fairclough’s Deathgrip movie have generated some of the finest online riding footage presently available.

Image credit MTB Beds



Located on the Italian side of Mt. Blanc, the Aosta Valley begins, with its capital, Aosta, situated at the valley’s base. Founded in 25 BC, the town’s rich history and lively atmosphere make it an ideal base for a week of riding.

Pila is perhaps the most well-known area of the valley, renowned for its unique “moon dust” and iconic switchbacks. Although primarily considered a downhill paradise, if you’re willing to forgo gears and drop your seat, Pila offers an incredible ridgeline trail that descends through the Desarpa zone to the valley floor.

La Thuile, another well-known trail system in the Aosta Valley, has hosted the EWS twice, and these trails are not for the faint of heart. With a 5-star technical rating from the EWS, they are serious business. A swift chairlift will enable you to make the most of your descents without pedaling.

Image credit MTB Beds

If you venture a little off the beaten path and climb high into the mountains behind Aosta town, you’ll find a plethora of untouched single-track descents that can last up to an hour from top to bottom, all with stunning views. With the aid of a shuttle van and a bit of pedal assistance, you can find yourself entirely alone, gazing down at the historic town, poised to descend to the valley floor.

If you fancy a trip abroad but don’t fancy planning the trip yourself, there are a whole host of great trip organisers out there who operate in the destinations that we’ve listed such as Basque MTB, Hire+bike the sierras, Bike Morzine, MTB beds and Ride Southern Spain to name a few.

If you’re going away this year, don’t forget to make sure that you’ll need to have the correct level of insurance in place. Pedalcover offer a combined home and bicycle policy, travel insurance and also bicycle only insurance policies to cover downhill, XC, Enduro and bikepacking holidays. If you need any help, just give the friendly support staff a call on 0800 121 4424 Get a quote today!


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