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If you are looking for mountain bike insurance, there’s no need to fork out for a stand alone policy (see what we did there). 

We can cover your mountain bikes on home insurance, providing all the specialist cover you need riding trails in the UK, and abroad (we have options for downhill racing as well), and cover for your home and contents at the same time. What’s more, we can usually save you money at the same time. 

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Our customers get instant access to over 100 discounts from some of the best cycling, triathlon, outdoor, and lifestyle brands in the UK.
If you’re looking to upgrade a power meter, buy some new outdoor clothing or equipment, or even looking to buy a new bike, we could save you hundreds.


We've got all the bells and whistles covering your home for building and contents plus additional cycling benefits too. Click each of the covers below to reveal more info......

We provide cover for enduro and cross country mountain bike events, and with our Podium cover, you can also take part in Downhill racing. What’s more, we also cover you when you can’t make it to the start line due to illness or injury. We know how much some of these races cost, so up to £500 race withdrawal cover comes as standard.

Third party cycling claims against mountain bikers are far less common than theft and crashes, but they can be much more serious. We include mountain bike liability insurance while cycling. If you injure another cyclist or damage someone’s property riding your mountain bike or any other bicycle, you are covered up to £2 million.

If you have a mechanical you can’t fix by the side of the road, don’t even think about pushing your bicycle back to the train station! We’ll cover the cost of a taxi for you and your bike up to £200.

When you start to add everything up – from your helmet to goggles to your padded shorts, to your jersey – your kit and accessories can cost as much as your bike! That’s why our cover protects not just your mountain bike but everything else you need to enjoy your passion the max.

You can insure as many mountain bikes (or others) as you like under the same policy. You’ll get up to £25,000 total value or £10,000 single bike limit increasing to £50,000 total value and £15,000 single bike limit if you choose Podium cover. We’ll ask you to list your mountain bikes but all your family members will be insured to ride them. 

If your a multi-discipline cyclist and you compete in XC or even (God forbid!) triathlon, imagine getting to the transition area to find your bike or parts have been stolen…’s the stuff of nightmares! Fear not, our policy includes transition cover protecting your bike and accessories.

If you are in a crash while riding your mountain bike, we will cover repair or replacement. This might be as simple as going in to your local bike shop to replace a pair of shifters, or replacing a whole bike. In any case, our in-house mountain bike experts will help you through the process.

Travelling abroad with your bike? Taking a trip to Morzine? Our policy covers you if your mountain bike or bike box are damaged on a plane.

If you are taking your mountain bike to a trail centre, there is a good chance you will need to leave it unattended at some point. With our insurance you can simply hide it away it in your car or van, lock the doors, and we’ll cover it for theft.

We have security requirements you need to follow, but if your mountain bike is stolen from your home, car, or while on holiday, it’s covered on our home + mountain bike insurance 

We include £50,000 in legal expenses on both tiers of cover to look after you should need to claim against a third party if you have suffered a personal injury. 

All of our packages cover you for Physio, Dental and Permanent injury.


Our home + mountain bike insurance has two levels, our core product and Podium which gives you that little bit extra. 

Our mountain bike insurance + home policies have several sections of cover which you can compare below.

 Pedal CoverPodium
Buildings Blanket Limit£750,000£1,000,000
Storm or floodCoveredCovered
Water or oil escaping from fixed water or heating systemsCoveredCovered
Trace and Access£2,500£5,000
Theft or attempted theftCoveredCovered
Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake and smokeCoveredCovered
Being hit by vehicles, aircraft, flying objects and animalsCoveredCovered
Subsidence or heave of the site on which your home stands, or landslipCoveredCovered
Vandalism or malicious actsCoveredCovered
Falling trees or branchesCoveredCovered
Falling TV aerials, radio aerials, satellite dishes and their fittingsCoveredCovered
Frost damage to water pipes and tanksCoveredCovered
Riot, civil unrest, labour disputes or political disturbanceCoveredCovered
Weight of snowCoveredCovered
Additional Cover  
Service pipes and cablesCoveredCovered
Loss of keysCoveredCovered
Emergency entry to buildings and gardensNot CoveredCovered
Alternative accommodation, kennel fees and storage£25,000£50,000
Clearance costsCoveredCovered
Professional feesCoveredCovered
Government or local authority regulations and requirementsCoveredCovered
The time between exchange and completion when selling your homeNot CoveredCovered
Sets and suitesNot CoveredCovered
Accidental DamageOptionalCovered
Property owner’s liability£2,000,000£2,000,000
 Pedal CoverPodium
Contents Blanket Limit£75,000£100,000
Maximum valuables limit£22,500£30,000
Valuables single item limit unspecified£2,500£5,000
Valuables single item limit specified£10,000£15,000
Storm or floodCoveredCovered
Water or oil escaping from fixed water or heating systemsCoveredCovered
Theft or attempted theft from your homeCoveredCovered
Theft from outbuildings/garages£5,000£10,000
Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake and smokeCoveredCovered
Being hit by vehicles, aircraft, flying objects and animalsCoveredCovered
Subsidence or heave of the site on which your home stands, or landslipCoveredCovered
Vandalism or malicious actsCoveredCovered
Falling trees or branchesCoveredCovered
Falling TV aerials, radio aerials, satellite dishes and their fittingsCoveredCovered
Riot, civil unrest, labour disputes or political disturbanceCoveredCovered
Additional Covers  
Frozen and chilled foodsUnlimitedUnlimited
Loss of keysCoveredCovered
Moving homeCoveredCovered
Oil and metered waterCoveredCovered
Alternative accommodation, kennel fees and storage£15,000£30,000
Contents outside within boundaries of your home£1,000£2,500
Contents temporarily away from the homeNot Covered£10,000
Contents at university, college or boarding schoolNot Covered£10,000
Downloaded contentNot Covered£3,000
Garden plantsNot Covered£2,500 per claim, £500 per plant
Birth of a child, religious festivals & weddings / civil partnershipNot CoveredIncrease by 10%
Title deedsNot CoveredCovered
Business equipmentNot Covered£10,000
Money in the home£500£750
Guests belongingsNot Covered£1,000
Sets and suitesNot CoveredCovered
Credit Cards£1,000£2,500
Accidental DamageOptionalCovered
Personal liability£2,000,000£2,000,000
Employer’s liability£5,000,000£10,000,000
Tenant’s liability£10,000£15,000

We cover bikes listed in your schedule. Below are the maximum limits allowable on each tier.

 Pedal CoverPodium
Mountain Bikes  
Theft at and away from the homeIncludedIncluded
Accidental damageIncludedIncluded
Bikes maximum limit£25,000£50,000
Bikes single bike limit£10,000£15,000
Depreciation from the price paidNoneNone
Overseas travelEurope 30 days per tripWorldwide 60 days per trip
Cycling disciplinesExcluding: Criteriums, Road Racing, Downhill Mountain BikingAll
Public Liability£2,000,000£2,000,000
Taxi Reimbursement£100£200
Bike Hire£25 per day, up to 10 days£35 per day, up to 10 days
Race Fee Withdrawal1 event up to £2501 event up to £500
Personal Accident  
 Loss of Limb£5,000£10,000
 Loss of Sight £5,000£10,000
 Physiotherapyup to £350up to £500
Dental Coverup to £350up to £500

We cover possessions at and away from the home up to the unspecified limit. If you have items above the unspecified limit (depending on the tier) you must tell us about them and they need to be listed on your schedule to be covered.

 Pedal CoverPodium
Accidental loss and damage unspecified£2,500£5,000
Accidental loss and damage SpecifiedAs per scheduleAs per schedule
Maximum single item limit specified£10,000£15,000
Theft from unattended locked vehicles£500£1,000
Items in a bank or safe deposit boxCoveredCovered
Theft or accidental loss of money away from the home£500£1,000
Cover for items abroad Europe 60 days a yearWorldwide 60 days a year
Sets and suitesNot CoveredCovered
Repair Guarantee12 months12 months

This cover provides all our customers a 24/7 advice line and legal costs up to £50,000 to pursue claims for things like personal injury or disputes with neighbours. 

 Pedal CoverPodium
Family Legal Protection£50,000£50,000
Employment DisputesCoveredCovered
Contract Disputes (including sale of property)CoveredCovered
Property ProtectionCoveredCovered
Tax protectionCoveredCovered
Personal InjuryCoveredCovered
Legal DefenceCoveredCovered
Jury service and court attendanceCoveredCovered
Clinical NegligenceCoveredCovered
Identity Theft Legal ExpensesCoveredCovered


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Providing Home and MTB Insurance across the UK

Combining home and mtb insurance under one policy cuts the hassle and expense of dealing with separate providers, and it can be much more cost-effective. We can provide all the cover of a specialist mountain bike insurance policy as part of your home and contents insurance. 

Multi-bike as standard

Our home insurance allows you to add bikes with a total value of £25,000 and individual bikes valued at £10,000. On Podium, you can add bikes with a total value of £50,000 with a £15,000 single bike limit.

What’s more, all of your family living in your household will get the same level of cover as the policy holder.

mtb insurance

home and MOUNTAIN BIKE Insurance FAQs

No… It’s a lot more than just mountain bike theft insurance.

While many home insurance policies cover your bikes for theft from the home, they are unable to cover higher-end bikes or large fleets. Home insurers do not have the extensive network to provide a like for like replacement, or give you that specialist service during a claim.

When you take out a home insurance policy with Pedal Cover, we automatically include essential cover such as crash damage, theft away from home, third party liability, and cover during events, racing or on holiday. We also cover your bike if it is lost or damaged by an airline.

We provide all of the extra covers you would usually have to pay high premiums for with a specialist bicycle insurer, and we can provide all of this at the same time as your home and contents insurance. 

On our policy, we ask that you let us know about all the bikes you need to cover but we have a high threshold compared to most home insurers.

Our Pedal Cover home insurance allows you to add bikes with a total value of £25,000 and individual bikes valued up to £10,000. On Podium, you can add up to £50,000 of bikes with a £15,000 single bike limit.

Most home insurance policies impose much tighter limits on the total bike value and individual bike value, meaning you might struggle to get sufficient cover. 

Yes, absolutely. All of the bikes in your household are covered by our policy, and and the cover extends to every member of your family who uses them. This means if your children are riding expensive bikes or if you are taking several bicycles abroad for a family holiday, you can be comfortable in the knowledge they are covered with no additional premiums to pay.

We have split responsibility between the our team, and our underwriters at NIG.

NIG are the experts when it comes to home insurance claims, and are able to provide enormous resource to settle home insurance claims incredibly efficiently.

We are the mtb insurance experts and deal with any mountain bike insurance claims personally. 

Sure, there are plenty of options out there for mountain bike insurance, but it can easily feel like a bit of a minefield trying to find the right insurance policy that suits you as a mountain biker.

In fact, many policies seem to be from companies that actually know very little about the practicalities, and what really matters, when you’re a mountain biker.

When it comes to choosing the best mountain bike insurance, you want an insurer that has the same detailed understanding of mountain biking that you do. As well as one that is asking the same questions as you.

Being into MTB often means owning more than one bike, or maybe you’re part of a household of mountain biking enthusiasts – small and big alike! With this in mind, you don’t need insurance simply for one bike, you need a policy for ALL of your bikes. When choosing the best mountain bike insurance, you want an easy and straight forward policy that covers all of your bikes, whenever and wherever you want to use them.

Chances are you might have easily spent as much on accessories as on your bike. The cost of your helmet, your sunglasses, your shoes and that expensive bike computer, you just had to have, all add up.

What you really need from your policy is one that will also cover all these little extras (even items like your laptop and camera when you’re abroad) and give you the peace of mind that you’re insured in the event of the unexpected.

More and more mountain bikers are opting to take their bikes away with them. Not just for mountain biking holidays, but also for events like off-road sportives, and why not, there’s a big world out there for you to bike across.

When choosing the best mountain bike insurance, it’s fundamental to have a policy that is going to meet your needs and be realistic about the way that you use your mountain bikes.

You need to be able to take your bikes (and all those expensive accessories we’ve already talked about) abroad and rest assured that they’re all fully covered.

Of course, accidents do happen, and the best mountain bike insurance is going to provide the right cover to reflect this.

Just like insuring your car, you need to plan for every eventuality and proper liability cover (or public/personal liability cover as it’s also known) will ensure that you’re covered for damage to another person or their property in the event you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

This also goes hand in hand with the need for crash damage cover. Whether you’re riding your mountain bike to work, out on a trail holiday, or competing in your biggest event of the year in Europe – you need global crash cover as accidents can happen.

We cover downhill but although a comprehensive mountain bike insurance policy should include crash damage cover, you’ll need to check if there are exclusions. For example, many cheap mountain bike policies will not offer crash damage cover if you are partaking in downhill mountain biking.

Similarly, some policies may offer competition cover but specify that downhill mountain racing is not included.

We know reading the small print is a little tedious but it’ll save getting caught out! Alternatively, just get your insurance with us 😉