Pedal Cover

Dialled In home and mountain bike insurance allowing you the freedom to ride

If you are looking for mountain bike insurance,  there’s no need to ‘fork out’ for a stand alone policy (see what we did).

We can cover your mountain bikes on home insurance, providing all the specialist cover you need riding trails in the UK and abroad, and cover your home and contents at the same time. What’s more, we can usually save you money at the same time.

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Our home insurance is backed by AXA, the 2nd largest insurer in the world

We cover your home for building and contents plus additional cycling benefits....

Race Fee Cancellation

Not only do we cover your bike in Enduro and cross country mountain bike events, we also cover you when you can’t race. We know how much some of these races cost, so race fee cover up to £500 comes as standard.

Public Liability

Third party cycling claims against mountain bikers are far less common than theft and crashes, but they can be much more serious. Our home insurance includes liability cover while cycling. If you injure another road user or damage someone's property riding your mountain bike or any other bicycle, you are covered up to £2 million.

Mountain bike theft from a vehicle

If you are taking your mountain bike to the local trail center, there is a good chance you will need to leave it unattended at some point. With our insurance you can simply pop it in your car or van, lock the doors, and we'll cover it for theft.

Theft Away from the home

More than 500,000 bikes are reported stolen every year in the UK, so you’ll be pleased to hear our home insurance policy includes mountain bike theft insurance. We have security requirements you need to follow, but if your mountain bike is stolen from your home, car, or while on holiday, it's covered by PedalCover

Multi-bike cover

We don’t charge per bike, nor do we have any trouble insuring those who have splashed out on something extra special. Whether your household has one bicycle or ten, the premium is the same and you are covered up to £30,000.

Buildings & Contents

How does our policy differ from other mountain bike insurance policies online? We insure your bikes plus your home and contents, sometimes for less premium than a specialist cycle insurer will charge for just the mountain bikes.

Airline Cover

Travelling abroad with your bike? Our policy covers you if your bike or bike box are damaged on a plane.

Helmet and Clothing

When you start to add everything up – from your helmet to your Garmin, your sunglasses to your shoes – your kit and accessories can cost as much as your bike! That’s why our cover protects not just your bike but everything else you need to enjoy your passion to the max.

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Providing Home and Mountain Bike Insurance across the UK

Combining home and mountain bike insurance under one policy cuts the hassle and expense of dealing with separate providers and is much more cost-effective.

Multi-bike as standard

With Pedalcover you don’t have to specify your mountain bikes and there’s no limit on the value or number of bikes. You’re not restricted to MTB either. All of your bicycles are covered up to a maximum of £30,000.


Mountain Bike Insurance FAQs

No… It’s a lot more than just mountain bike theft insurance.

While many home insurance policies include cover your mountain bikes for theft from the home, in most cases that is where their cover ends.

When you take out a home insurance policy with Pedal Cover, we automatically include essential cover such as crash damage, theft away from home, liability and cover during mountain bike events, racing or on holiday.

We provide all of the extra cover you would usually have to pay high premiums for with a specialist mountain bike insurer, and we can provide all of this at the same time as your home and contents insurance. 

Our cycling home insurance includes £30,000 worth of valuables cover as standard which applies to your mountain bikes,and any other bicycles you might own. That means up to £30,000 of mountain bikes are covered at and away from your home with a £15,000 single mountain bike limit.

Most home insurance policies impose much tighter limits on total bike and individual bike value, meaning you might struggle to get sufficient cover. Specialist mountain bike insurers on the other hand typically charge per bike based on individual bicycle value, and you can end up paying very high premiums as a result.

Yes, absolutely. All of the mountain bikes in your household are covered by our policy, and and the cover extends to every member of your family who uses them. This means if your children are riding expensive bikes or if you are taking several bicycles abroad for a family holiday, you can be comfortable in the knowledge they are covered with no additional premiums to pay.

We have split responsibility between the Pedal Cover team, and our underwriters at AXA.

AXA are the experts when it comes to home insurance claims, and are able to provide enormous resource to settle home insurance claims incredibly efficiently.

We are the mtb insurance experts however, and deal with any mountain bike insurance claims personally.