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Comparing cycle insurance policies can be a complicated and frustrating task. Not only do premiums seem to vary significantly between suppliers, but it can be hard to compare the cover offered by different policies. To help with the process of cycle insurance comparison, we obtained quotes for £9,000s worth of bikes from a collection of the UK’s leading cycle insurance companies which were based on a typical residential scenario*. The table below outlines the level of cover provided by each company on a like for like basis and the quoted cost for the cover.

Pedal Cover cycle insurance comparison



Yellow Jersey









*Pedalcover quote based on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1996 construction, detached house in a M33 postcode area . Policy holders are 46 years old, married with 2 children and 5 years no claims discount. It was quoted quoted 07/01/2021. Yellow Jersey Ultimate Policy quoted with a £5K and £4K bike accessed 07/01/2021. Bikmo Race for £9k of bikes at and £5k away from the home, policy quote accessed 07/01/2021. The Cycleguard quote is for one £5K bike and one £4K bike with £250 Cycle accessories, Legal Support, Global Travel, Race & Compete and Personal Injury selected – Quote accessed 07/01/2021. Please visit our competitors websites for more information on the quotes provided on this site.

How does our bicycle insurance compare to other cycle insurance options on the market?

With a range of options on the market, comparing cycle insurance can be more than a little confusing. While our competitors provide standalone bike policies, we’ve worked to take all of the best bits of a cycle insurance policy and incorporate them into a home insurance policy. 

In the table above we’ve taken a look at some of the major cycle insurance companies in the UK and compared their cover to our home and bicycle insurance policy. And not purely on price. We’ve taken a look at all aspects of the policy offered by each of the providers to understand where the differences lie and the level of cover you’re receiving from each provider. 

To find out more about each cycle insurer, and how their bicycle insurance compares to our home insurance, click the links in the table above. We’ll also point out a few useful facts that you may not be aware of. For example, did you know that the insurance provided as part of British Cycling’s Gold Membership doesn’t cover you for a member-to-member claim (So basically, if you cause an injury to another BC member, you’re not covered)? Armed with this type of information, you should be able make an informed decision when it comes to your cycle insurance.

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