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We’re comparing our home insurance policy to Cycleguard’s bicycle insurance to find out what differences there are in the level of covers, what sort of features are available to cyclists,  and how the two policies compare on price. The example below is for one £5K bike and one £4K bike.

Pedal Cover comparing cycle insurance with Cycle Guard




*Pedalcover quote based on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2000 construction, semi-detached house in a SG4 postcode area . Policy holders are 30 years old, married with 2 children and 5 years no claims discount. Policy includes £9000 of personal possession cover for bikes at or away from the home. The price includes an excess protection policy at £58 and a £40 broker fee. It was quoted quoted 21/01/2020. We quoted Cycleguard with one £5K bike and one £4K bike, £250 Cycle accessories, Legal Support, Global Travel, Race & Compete and Personal Injury selected – Quote accessed 21/01/2020. Please visit our competitors websites for more information on the quotes provided on this site.

Comparing the level of cover on a CycleGuard bicycle insurance policy, and home insurance with PedalCover

On the surface, CycleGuard do look close to us on a price comparison. Look a little closer however, and you’ll realise there is a significant difference in cover. While a bicycle insurance policy from CycleGuard will provide cover for your bikes, a home insurance policy from Pedal Cover provides all of  cycle specific cover you need, as well as comprehensive home and contents insurance for your property. 

CycleGuard require you to list each bicycle you would like insurance for, and charge additional premium for each. They then present a long list of “add-ons” such as third party liability cover, personal injury, accessories, and cover racing or taking your bikes abroad. Again, each feature adds additional cost to their premium. A Pedal Cover policy includes all of your bicycles automatically up to the £75,000 total contents limit at home and we can insure bikes away from the home up to £15K, we also include all of these “extras” as standard features, plus if you need them, cover for other valuables home and abroad, as well as insuring the building itself.

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