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Pedal cover vs Bikmo Cycle Insurance

We compared cycle insurance from Bikmo to Pedal Cover to see how the cover differs, and how this affects the premium you pay. The comparison below looks at £9k of bikes at and £5k away from the home.*

Pedal Cover cycle insurance comparison






*Pedal Cover quote based on a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1996 construction, detached house in an M33 postcode area. Policyholders are 46 years old, married with 2 children and 5 years with no claims discount. It was quoted 07/01/2021. Bikmo Race for £9k of bikes at and £5k away from the home, policy quote accessed 07/01/2021. Please visit our competitor’s websites for more information on the quotes provided on this site.

How does a Bikmo bicycle insurance policy compare to home insurance with Pedal Cover?

We think you’ll be getting a lot more for your money with us.

The comparison above shows a fairly steep difference in price between Bikmo and Pedal Cover. A home insurance policy with Pedal Cover includes benefits such as personal accident, liability, cover abroad and race cover, so we have quoted Bikmo on their “Race” tier to get a true comparison. Bikmo offers a cheaper tier of cover, but you begin to lose important features, particularly if you enjoy things competing in events like triathlon or time trialling. 

We’re not just cheaper for bicycle insurance, however. While Bikmo are just covering your bikes with their policy, we are covering your bikes as part of a complete home and contents policy. That means as well as your bicycles, we are covering valuables, liabilities and your property. 

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