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eBike Insurance : 10 reasons to choose PedalCover

Over the years, electric bikes have become increasingly popular. No longer considered bikes for the elderly and unfit; eBikes are now being used for daily commutes, fun family outings and allow hardcore riders to go further than ever before. They’ve even got the thumbs up from cycling legends, Victoria Pendleton and Sir Chris Hoy.

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However, despite their growing popularity, eBikes are still pretty hard to insure, with many providers often having strict conditions and high premiums. So, what do you do? Chance it without electric bike insurance? We wouldn’t recommend it. eBikes are a prime target for thieves and your standard home insurance policy is unlikely to provide the level of cover you need.

This is where PedalCover comes in. By combining home and bike insurance in one single policy means you can get the level of cover you, and your electric bike, need. And it doesn’t end there. Here are 10 reasons to choose PedalCover as your eBike insurance provider:

1. We’ll replace your stolen eBike

Unfortunately, over 500,000 bikes are stolen every year and many of those are electric bikes. The good news is our policies include theft. So whether your eBike is at home, or out and about you’ll be fully covered.

2. We’ll protect your investment

eBikes aren’t cheap but can easily be written off in a crash. If your eBike is no longer useable after a crash, we can provide you with the funds for a replacement.

3. You won’t pay more for additional bikes

As we mentioned earlier, eBike insurance policies tend to be complex and expensive. But that’s where we’re different. We treat your electric bike like a traditional bike in terms of insurance and we’ll even provide cover for all other bikes you own. (You know, the ones you’re hiding from your partner in the garage!). All bikes in your household will be covered on one policy for no extra cost.

4. Kit and accessories are included

Not only that but we’ll also cover all the cycling kit and accessories you own, under our home and bike insurance policy. We understand your cycling gear is every bit as important as your bike.

5. Buildings & Content Insurance

Thanks to our unique home and bike policy, not only will your eBike be protected but your home and contents will also be covered by the same policy.

6. You’ll be covered worldwide

As well as being covered in transit, your electric bike will be insured anywhere you visit too. Your bike, kit and accessories will have worldwide cover, so whether you’re touring abroad or simply having a fun biking holiday, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

senior couple on electrobikes, electronic cycling outdoors along rural road

7. New for Old cover up to 10 years

If your eBike has to be replaced we’ll replace it with a like-for-like new bike of equivalent value, and what’s more, we’ll do this for bikes that are up to at least 10 years old, in some cases even older.

8. Have peace of mind with public liability insurance

Even the most experienced cyclists can have mishaps, making personal liability insurance an absolute must-have. We cover personal liability so you can rest assured, any expenses related to injuring another person or causing damage to their property, as a result of an electric bike accident, will be paid on your behalf.

9. Save money and simplify your eBike insurance

If all that wasn’t enough, Pedalcover can actually help you save money by offering a combined eBike and home insurance policy. We make it simple by covering your electric bike, building and all of the contents inside it too. Why juggle multiple policies when you can have a single policy that provides the level of cover you need, at a cost-effective price?

10. Don’t just take our word for it

We’re really proud of our home & bike policy and how it is helped thousands of cyclists to protect their pride and joy, and this includes plenty of eBike owners too. Here’s just a sample of some recent reviews from eBike owners:

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Get total peace of mind with PedalCover

In the tricky world of electric bike insurance, PedalCover is here to make things simple. We treat your eBike like a traditional bike and provide the level of cover you need, for total peace of mind. Not only that but we’ll cover your home and contents along with it, helping you to avoid paying for additional policies. After all, life’s complicated enough without making your insurance policies a minefield too! Ready to take the next step? Get a Home & Bike Insurance Quote for your e-Bike today.