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How visible are cyclists on the roads?

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PedalCover spoke to Mark Swift from Exposure Lights who have tackled this question head-on.

As we enter the winter season, the days will become shorter and the nights longer. Visibility on the roads will decrease as the bad weather sets in. Unfortunately, the dark, gloomy days will become the norm meaning that how visible we become highly important. As road traffic accidents with cyclists are on the rise, we cyclists must do all we can to make sure our fellow road users see us in plenty of time.

Cyclist on the road

You may or may not have noticed that all new cars sold in the UK now legally have to have daytime front lights. Should cyclists be using lights in the daytime too?

We spoke to Mark Swift from Exposure Lights who have tackled this question head-on with their new Day Bright function on their range of lights:

“The DayBright pulse pattern is the most noticeable to ensure it is recognised at distance on rural roads and also to enable the light to cut through the noise of the urban town/city traffic and road distractions within daylight hours,”

“As the pulse pattern is not regular, once seen, DayBright stays highlighted by the brains receivers and ensures the cyclist is noticed,”

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The TraceR is Exposure’s smallest and most affordable rear light with its new Day Bright mode. It has a 75-lumen rating with a three to 24 hour run time, weighs just 35g and has three brightness levels. Side visibility has been considered in the design of the light as well.

If you want a bright and lightweight front light for commuting then the Exposure Sirius is a good option, with 575 lumens bright enough for most riding situations and a choice of seven modes, including the new DayBright. It’s easy to use and mount to the handlebars, with a tactile power button and battery gauge LED.”

The good news is, you will be able to WIN both the Sirius and the TraceR ReAKT in our competition! Head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To get your hand on some of the DayBright range, visit Exposure lights.

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