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Our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for cyclists

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If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you will have at least one or more cyclists in your life.

Every bike rider I know has a wish list, so we’ve hand-picked our top 10 suggestions for a road or mountain biker to give you the best chances of buying a present they’ll love.



A smart turbo trainer will be an excellent gift if you know someone who keeps hinting that they are tired of riding in the rain and wants to check out virtual riding with their friends. Even though there are other alternatives, we believe that the Wahoo Kickr hits the ideal combination of performance, cost, dependability, and appearance.

Image courtesy of Wahoo Fitness



Always buy the most dependable and high-quality lights you can. It’s time for an overhaul if you know someone who drives around with antiquated, dull lights. Whatever your needs, British-based Exposure lighting will have something that works for you, whether you’re commuting on winter roads or getting ready for some fantastic off-road night riding.

Image courtesy of Exposure lights



Having custom-made kit is the height of chic when it comes to bike accessories. A custom frame paint job will be costly and won’t be ready before Christmas, so how about a super cool custom stem head cap from Kapz? You can even create your cap if you can’t find what you’re looking for from their expansive selection. They also make custom drink bottles, bar end plugs and dog tags. This is a brilliant gift idea to give something unique this Christmas.

image courtesy of Kapz


Probably the finest cycling overshoes available on the market right now. They are the vision of former NFTO pro cycling rider and team manager Tom Barras. They’ve been perfected over endless chilly, wet miles in the Yorkshire Dales, and they’ll keep your feet toasty on those lengthy, drenching winter rides. Excellent for both racers and commuters.



image courtesy of Spatz Wear



Crankalicious strive to use the highest quality ingredients they can find to create the best, most technologically advanced products possible. They make an effort to package them in a way that is both practical and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are manufactured by hand in small batches in Essex. Crankalicious products are unique presents for road, gravel, and mountain bikers because they work so well and smell fabulous! All stages of cleaning and aftercare for your bike are included in the Crankalicious gift package.

Image courtesy of Crankalicious




Never leave your tools behind! This neat little product is a tool kit designed to slide into the end of your handlebars. It’s great for those who don’t want to carry tools in a hip pack or pocket. The kit comprises a multi-tool designed for modern mountain bikes and a tubeless tyre plug kit for holes that sealant alone won’t plug. The kit has different size seals to fit all mountain bike handlebars.

Image courtesy of Lezyne



Founded by legendary UK downhill rider Steve Peat, Peaty’s Products offers a fantastic do-it-all all-cleaning kit that includes all essential products within a good quality, solid carry case. Peaty’s Products are designed and made in the UK with an environmentally friendly ethos throughout their product range. Suitable for road, mountain and gravel riders!

Image courtesy of Peaty’s products


Endura is a company based in Scotland that produces exceptional mountain and road bike apparel. Atherton siblings and Danny MacAskill are among the riders that use Endura’s equipment. If you plan to ride in cold weather, you need a well-made coat. The Singletrack Jacket II is an excellent option, offering breathability, waterproofing, and stunning looks. It covers all the basics when it comes to technical qualities.

Image courtesy of Endura



Singletrack is a magazine dedicated to mountain biking for mature riders, providing an alternative to youth-focused publications like MBUK.

Image courtesy of Singletrack magazine



Hey there! Have you ever considered using a hip pack instead of a regular backpack while cycling? Not only is it way more comfortable, but it also provides greater mobility and ample storage space for all your tools. Plus, with a water reservoir included, you can stay hydrated on the go. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Image courtesy of Camelbak


If those ten great gifts weren’t enough, we thought we throw in a couple of bonus ideas just for good luck because why not?!


Pedalcover is proud to partner with Cycling UK, the largest cycling charity in the UK, with a passion for helping more people experience the benefits of cycling. Established in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, they have advocated for cyclists and their safe and equitable use of our roads, better cycling infrastructure, and much more. Furthermore, Cycling UK publishes excellent bike packing and touring routes. Membership starts at just £4 per month, with numerous other perks included. Visit Cycling UK’s website to learn more.

Photo credit-Cycling UK



A donation to World Bicycle Relief will go directly towards buying a Buffalo bicycle.

World Bicycle Relief’s Buffalo Bicycles are specially designed for rugged terrain and heavy loads. Where public transport, motorcycles and cars are suspended, bicycle mobility will remain a safe and reliable form of transportation for people and supplies. A robust bicycle in the hands of a health worker is more important now than ever to reach the most at-risk.

In rural African communities, caregivers are often the only reliable medical providers for families, travelling long distances to provide essential information, prevention and treatment. With bicycles, they can reach ten times more households to deliver medical care and transport critical patients to health centres miles away.


There we have it; we hope this article gave you some great gift inspiration! Whether buying for a friend a loved one, or just fancy treating yourself, we don’t think you’ll go far wrong with our picks.

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