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Pedal Cover partner with Cycling UK

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Cycling UK is the UK’s largest cycling charity, devoting their time to ensuring that cyclists have access to cycling; whether that be through safe roads or through teaching children to cycle proficiently. They are dedicated to campaigning for safer cycling for us all, and when they are not lobbying your local council to install safer cycling facilities, they are implementing nationwide cycle training, and routes for us all to enjoy safely.

During the pandemic, huge numbers of people either bought a new bike or dusted off old ones, which has sparked a golden opportunity to keep these people cycling, safely. However, the sad reality is that with all these people cycling, the thieves have also stepped up a gear. Bike Register for example reported a 28% increase in bike thefts in June 2018 compared to 2019, highlighting the need for insurance.

We have partnered with Cycling UK in order to give their members access to exclusive discounts on Pedal Cover’s home and bicycle insurance. Through our partnership, we will also be supporting the charity in their work but giving back through each policy sale, helping to spread their message as well as supporting their membership drive.

Cycling UK members will get access to a 10% off our home and bicycle insurance as well as 15% off their renewal. If you’re already a Pedal Cover customer reading this, you can also get access to the 15% off at renewal too if you are a Cycling UK member.

The Pedal Cover home and bicycle insurance is a unique product, and we’re really pleased to be announcing this partnership with Cycling UK. Most cyclists who own a home will add their bicycle to their home insurance, but it often comes with many restrictions. Our product really is simple; we’ll look after your home and ensure that you have industry-leading cover for your bicycles, whether you use it to commute, go shopping or race.

Georgina Cox, head of membership at Cycling UK said:

“Cycling UK knows from surveying our members, insurance is extremely important to them. With a lot of cyclists insuring their bikes on home insurance, we were concerned whether they all were getting the cover they need. Every policy is different and cycle protection is often only an afterthought from the provider with hidden pitfalls for the unwary. We therefore wanted to make sure our members have access to a quality product that works for both them and their beloved bikes.”

If you would like more information about the partnership, please visit the Cycling UK website or if you would like to become a cycling UK member, please use this link.

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