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Riding Safely This Winter – Our Top 10 Tips

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1. Give yourself enough space on the roads. Don’t ride in the gutter next to the curb as this is where all the debris gathers. Watch out for those pesky potholes too, they can be very dangerous.

2. Use reflective not just fluorescent clothing. When riding in the dark you want to be noticed. Reflective clothing like the Proviz REFLECT360 jacket will pick up external light sources like car headlights making it the ideal item of clothing to wear in the dark.

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3. Always use a front & rear light when riding in the dark. Ensure you have a front and rear light that can be seen from all sides. Take a look at these.



4. Use Day Bright when riding during the day. The Exposure Day Bright pulse pattern is the most noticeable to ensure that you are recognised at a distance on rural roads. As the pulse pattern is not regular, once seen, the Day Bright stays highlighted by the brain’s receivers and ensures that you are noticed.

5. Ensure you bike is cleaned and maintained. Make sure to pay special attention to your drivetrain and brakes. Remove any debris that may be hiding in the brake pads as this can affect your braking performance.

6. Ride with Spares – The last thing you want is to not have a spare inner tube or air if you puncture

7. Always ride with friends – A group of you on the road will be more visible that an individual by themselves.

9. Check your tyre pressure – Making sure that you have the correct pressure in your tyres should reduce your chances of falling off when the road surface gets greasy or icy. Lowering the pressure gives your tyre more surface area and therefore more grip. Swapping to a 25c or 28c tyre on your road bike will also help. For more information, check out this guide on Cycling Weekly.

10. Ride short laps or in well lit areas – Nobody wants to ride too far from home when its dark, cold and wet. Find a local route that you can ride which is well lit and offers you the opportunity to double back home if you need to. Choose a route which also has a good road surface, this reduces your chance of hitting a pot hole!

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