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Ten items every cyclist needs for winter

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As the autumn colours fade away and the chilly air turns downright frosty, it’s that moment when we cyclists need to embrace a whole new vibe. Winter’s rolling in, and it’s bringing along a makeover for our riding scene. Say goodbye to the lightweight gear of autumn because now, in this wild weather, we’ve got to suit up differently.

Buckle up folks, as we take you on a tour of the absolute essentials to keep you warm and cruising through the freeze. From toasty jerseys to gloves that feel like a warm hug, we’re spilling all the secrets to keep your biking game strong when the temperatures drop. And hey, just so you know, no one’s slipping us cash to rave about these products—they’re legit recommendations from riders who’ve been there, done that! So, get ready to pedal through the frosty months like a champ!

Winter jacket

Winter cycling jackets aren’t just any old gear—they’re like the superheroes of biking, shielding you from rain and wind, no matter how fierce the weather gets. Finding the right one is key—it’s all about that sweet spot between fit, breathability, and water resistance. With loads of choices out there for all budgets, my current top pick has got to be the Le Col Pro rain jacket. This Beauty has got everything you need to ride through the wildest weather without a care in the world. PS, this jacket is currently 50% off on Le Col’s website!

Le Col Winter jacket
 Winter jacket available via LECOL.CC


A generous slathering of lip balm is the secret sauce for those days when your face becomes best friends with the chilly wind. After all, nobody wants their lips to feel like they’ve been stranded in Antarctica for hours on end

Valley Mist Lip balm
Lip Balm available via Valley Mist


When the skies are gloomy and damp, it’s a clear or light lens kind of day. Cruising without glasses? Not the best move. You definitely don’t want surprise road debris playing tag with your eyes thanks to passing riders or vehicles. For style, practicality, and not breaking the bank, those Madison Crypto glasses are like the triple threat—no pun intended, but they’re tough to beat!

Madison Crypto cycling sunglasses
Glasses available via madison.cc

Thermal hat

Make sure your noggin stays cosy, dry, and those raindrops stay clear of your peepers. A good ol’ cotton casquette does wonders, but when the mercury drops below 6 degrees, it’s time for some extra care, especially for those poor, exposed ears!


Rapha Thermal cap
Thermal cap available via Rapha.cc

Bib tights

Keeping your legs cosy in frosty weather isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a masterclass in comfort. When diving into the bib-tights world, think of it like finding your soulmate—consider reflective elements for when the sun’s too lazy to show up, weather resistance for those unpredictable “wet surprises,” and the ability to layer up when the temperature decides to go all drama queen on you.

Choices galore! I’ve been loyal to Castelli products for ages. They just work and last very well. But recently, I indulged in the Asos Mille GT bibs. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. They are like a cosy fortress against the cold. The fit is wonderful and let’s not ignore the fact that they look very good (the tights, not my legs!)

Assos Mille GT bibtights
 Bib tights available via Assos


Meet the winter warrior’s best friend! If you’re still living in the no-mudguard zone, fear not- a et of guards will work wonders in keeping you and your fancy gear safe from the weather’s wrath. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of splashing through puddles without turning your backside into a soggy mess!

Not only do these guardians of cleanliness shield you, but your bike will also thank them from defending against the evil forces of road grime and mud infiltration. Just a word of caution: fitting them needs a gentle touch, unless you want your frame to feel the rub! When you’re strapping them onto your beloved bike, slap on some frame protection at the contact points. Trust me, you don’t want gritty rubber sanding down your paint job—your bike deserves better than a DIY spa treatment! I have used SKS products for quite some tim and found them to work and last well.

sks mudguards
mudguards available via SKS


Spatz overshoes take the crown for being hands down, the ultimate in overshoe supremacy. They’re like the superheroes of keeping your feet dry and toasty, outshining most other contenders on the winter roads. Say goodbye to the constant agony of cold, soggy feet—they make sure your ride remains a cosy affair.

Sure, they might not win a beauty pageant, but once you’ve felt their incredible performance, who cares about conventional looks? Winter cycling isn’t exactly a fashion show, right?

Spatz Stealth overshoes
Overshoes available via SpatzWear

Base layers

The unsung heroes of your attire, working harder than an over-caffeinated dehumidifier. Their mission? To play ‘keep-away’ with sweat, ensuring it doesn’t stick around and turn your skin into a clingy, damp mess. A dry bod is a happy bod, and in chilly weather, it’s your VIP pass to avoiding shivers and chills.

Why merino wool, you wonder? Well for me, these vests are brilliant in the battle against odours. Unlike some synthetic vests that start to smell like the inside of a damp gym locker, merino wool keeps you smelling fresher than a daisy in a field of roses.

Chapeau Baselayer
Base layer available via Chapeau.cc


Neck warmer

Shield your chest from the wind and keep that neck snug as a bug in a rug. These are the Swiss Army knives of clothing—simple, versatile, and absolutely essential, especially if the weather decides to throw a surprise hailstorm your way!

Buff Neck warmer
Neck warmers available via Buff


Here comes another gem from Spatz! Picture this: the Spatz Thermoz deep winter gloves, born and tested in the rugged terrain of Yorkshire. These bad boys have a trick up their sleeve—a fold-out windshell for some next-level finger fortification. Plus, they’re not just stopping at fingers; the extended cuff is like a cosy guard, keeping your wrists snug while making sure your jacket provides top-notch insulation.

And hold the phone—literally! The “Peepy index finger hole” is a stroke of genius, letting you handle your gadgets without the hassle of removing the entire glove. Well played, Spatz!

Spatz Gloves
Gloves available via SpatzWear


Bonus round-Insurance

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