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The ultimate cyclists Christmas gift guide

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Pedal into the holiday spirit with the Pedal Cover annual Christmas gift guide for cyclists. Lost at sea with no ideas on where to start looking for gifts? Fear not, Pedal Cover has handpicked a perfect selection of goodies that (hopefully) will make your loved ones’ Christmas that little bit more special. From socks to locks and everything in between, our guide is packed with the perfect presents to make this holiday season a ride to remember. Fire up the kettle and get ready to smash it out of the park. We hope you enjoy!

Cycle art

Embrace your passion of cycling indoors, with exquisitely crafted cycling-themed artwork. While numerous options exist, Etsy stands out as an excellent starting point for discovering these artistic pieces.

Cycle art

Bicycle lock

While it might not spark immediate excitement as a gift, a high-quality bike lock is an indispensable present. It significantly lowers the risk of bike theft and ensures your insurance coverage remains valid. We strongly advise opting for locks meeting at least the Sold Secure Gold standard, with Diamond being the top choice. Especially important for commuters relying on bikes as their primary mode of transport, LITELOK’s range of locks, resistant to angle grinders, earns our strong recommendation.

LITELOK bicycle lock

Multi Tool

They say you can never have too many tools—especially multi-tools. And when it comes to quality, practicality and value, the Crank Brother M20 tool takes the top spot. It’s a bit like the Swiss Army knife of cycling gear! This tool has it all, including a chain tool that is essential if you need to fix a snapped chain-just don’t forget to always carry a spare quick link!

Bicycle Multi tool


Frequent followers of our blogs are well aware of our consistent endorsement of Spatz products. And why, you might wonder? It’s plain and simple: they deliver exceptional performance. Crafted and rigorously tested by former professional rider Tom Barras in the heart of the UK, amidst the challenging landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, Spatz products are meticulously designed to tackle the harsh, grim, and wet winters characteristic of our beautiful isle. Every Spatz item is born from a deep consideration of adverse conditions. Explore their range and witness the excellence for yourself!


Puncture plug

Tubeless tires are fantastic at handling punctures—until they face something a bit more extreme. Sometimes, the puncture exceeds the sealant’s abilities, and that’s precisely where the puncture plug becomes a hero. It’s a straightforward fix: locate the hole, insert the plug, trim the excess, and voilà, you’re back on track. Dyna plugs stand out for their rather lovely construction from billet 6061 aluminium, making them not just visually stunning but also sturdy and incredibly lightweight.

Dyna Plug puncture repair tool


Frame strap

Perfect for carrying a spare inner tube and pump on your ride, these accessories come to the rescue if you encounter a flat mid-adventure. And, not to mention, they also add a stylish touch to your gear—because who says functionality can’t look cool? 😉



Bottle opener

Celebrate the post-ride moments in festive style with the Hope Bottle opener. Crafted in the UK, this bottle opener is built to stand the test of time. And at just £5.00, it’s a deal that’s hard to beat! Cheers.


Bar bag

Here’s one for the gravel enthusiasts! Bar bags not only add a sleek touch to your bike but also provide a handy storage option. For avid bike packers, Apidura bags are a top choice, but if style is high on your priority list, take a peek at Rapha’s offerings—they blend function with a fashionable edge for the ultimate gravel riding accessory.


Track pump

An absolute must-have in any cyclist’s toolkit! If your cycling buddy is missing a track pump, it’s time to gift them one! This Lifeline professional pump not only provides excellent value but also boasts a high-end appearance without breaking the bank. Now, if you’re in the mood for a splurge, the Silka Super Pista Ultimate Hiro Edition pump might catch your eye at £550. It does pretty much the same job, albeit with a dash of extra coolness… that is if you’re up for the luxury pump experience!


Remember, safety comes first—be visible, be safe. When hitting the roads, make sure you’ve got a rear light at the very least. The Bontrager Flare lights are a fantastic choice: they’re cost-effective, emit powerful brightness, are waterproof, easily rechargeable via USB, and effortlessly mount onto any bike. Don’t compromise on safety—shine bright with a reliable rear light like the Bontrager Flare series.


OTE nutrition

Extend your ride endurance with on-bike nutrition specifically designed for cyclists. OTE products, crafted entirely in the UK, not only cater to cyclists’ needs but also boast delightful flavors that make fuelling up a tasty part of your journey!

Cleaning kit

Show your bike some love, and it will reciprocate! Embarking on a ride with a dirty bike isn’t just uncool; it’s also not great for your two-wheeled companion. After each ride, remember to rinse, wash, dry and apply some lubrication. If you know someone whose bike tends to get a bit muddy, subtly nudge them toward cleanliness with the Juice Lubes scrub and buff kit bundle—a gentle way to encourage them to keep their wheels gleaming!

Juice Lubes cleaning kit


Cycling books

In the realm of outdoor bike escapades, the UK boasts some of the planet’s most breath taking landscapes. Markus Stitz, well-versed in gravel and bike packing expeditions, has penned an outstanding book on bike packing across Scotland. Brimming with diverse routes and captivating visuals, it’s a genuine wellspring of inspiration for your own adventures. Bonus tip: Markus’ routes feature QR codes that, when scanned, seamlessly upload the route directly to your phone—pretty handy, right?

Bikepacking Scotland


Many scoff at the notion of giving socks for Christmas, but I’ll boldly declare my fondness for it! Here’s an idea: shift from everyday socks to a set of merino wool cycling socks as gifts this year. They excel at wicking away sweat, offer warmth, and stay mostly odour-free. You’ll appreciate this switch—trust me, and thank me later.

Pedaled Merino wool cycling socks

Custom stem cap

In the realm of bike gear, personalised accessories are the epitome of “cool.” While a custom frame paint job might take forever to arrange, why not go for something equally stylish and quicker to acquire? Consider a personalised stem head cap from Kapz—they offer a wide selection, and if you can’t find the ideal design, you can create your own! But wait, there’s more—besides caps, they also specialise in crafting custom drink bottles, bar end plugs, and even dog tags. A fantastic choice if you’re seeking a distinct and unique Christmas gift


Angry Pablo cycling apparel

Stylish off-bike cycling clothing never fails to impress. Explore Angry Pablo’s collection for some subtle yet impressive options.

Angry Pablo

Bonus gift-Bicycle insurance

For the fortunate few who’ve been on their best behaviour this year, a new bike might just find its way down the chimney on Christmas morning. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a brand-new bike or upgrading your current one with accessories. However, the heartache from crashes or theft while out riding can be devastating. Find peace of mind with Pedal Cover’s insurance policy. From crash and accidental damage to theft at home or away, liability cover, racing, and more, we’ve got you covered. For details on our bicycle and cycle travel insurance, visit our website or reach out to our friendly support team at 0800 121 4424. PS: We’re unwrapping presents over the Christmas period too, so check our opening hours if you need to give us a call.

Triathlon travel insurance

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