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Top tips for travelling abroad with your bike

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There are many ways to transport your bike from a simple cardboard box to a hard-shelled box.

With the Tour de France in full flow, summer is officially upon us. As more and more cyclists and triathletes looking to combine their hobby with their holiday, we’ve put together a few top tips to make sure when you travel abroad with your bike this summer you keep yourself and your bike safe!

Transporting your bike

Gone are the good old days of being able to pop off your pedals, turn in your handlebars and check-in your bike straight in. Now with heightened security, most airlines insist on having your bike wrapped, or packed in either a bag or box.

There are many ways to transport your bike from a simple cardboard box to a hard-shelled box.

Padded bags are an extremely popular option, as they are cost-effective and do a great job of protecting your bike. Hardshell bike boxes are also a preferred option of many of our athletes, although they are more costly.

Packing tips

When it comes to packing your bike there are often more restrictions, this can often mean disassembling your bike. Taking off your front wheel and dropping the saddle usually is enough to adhere to the rules. Also taking off your pedals can reduce damage to the bag which the bike is in and reduce risk to other people’s luggage also.

We’d recommend removing everything that could poke out of a zip or catch or snag your bag and add extra protection to your frame with a towel, bubble wrap or even pipe lagging!


Research the road rules in the countries you’re visiting and check out www.fcowidget.com for road safety advice overseas.

Stash some emergency cash behind the handlebar plug of your bike in case you get into any difficult situations.

If you’re going somewhere hot and sunny, drink lots of water and wear plenty of sun cream.

And it goes without saying that you need to get adequate insurance to cover your bike, personal possessions, injuries and accidents. Speak to us, if you’re planning on travelling abroad with your bike. Pedalcover’s policy is unique in that it covers all your bikes and personal possessions worldwide.

Take photocopies of your insurance documents and important travel documentation and store them in a separate location to your originals.

Finally carry insurance policy details, medical details and as much travel documentation as possible on your phone when you’re out on your bike and guard that phone with your life.

We’ve got some great Pedalcover branded phone covers which keep your phone safe and dry. For every policy taken out over the summer months, we’re giving away a free phone cover to help our customers protect themselves, their bikes and their phones when abroad this summer!

If you’d like to discuss your insurance needs, give us a call on 0800 121 4424 or request a quote online.

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