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Why Annual Travel Insurance for Cycling Holidays Makes Sense

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Cycling mountains abroadGoing on any sort of cycling holiday, whether it be an epic cross-country cycle tour, a training camp abroad or even just a summer holiday with family and friends, should be hassle-free and a lot of fun. Unfortunately though there are times when things don’t quite go to plan, whether it’s someone falling ill or getting injured, an event being cancelled or the loss of belongings, and that’s why it makes sense to have travel insurance.

Of course, we all know travel insurance is important but, being honest, often it’s the last thing we get organised before a trip, isn’t it? How many times have you just grabbed a single trip policy a day or two ahead of a trip just to make sure you’ve got some sort of cover? Whilst this is definitely better than having no cover, in this blog we’ll take a look at how a little bit of forward-planning can not only get you a better level of cover, but could also save you money.

A travel policy tailored to your needs

No matter where your passion for cycling takes you in the world, an annual travel insurance policy can cover you. From testing yourself in an Ironman to exploring the Alps, heading off on a mountain bike adventure or going on a family holiday, a good annual policy will cover everything you have planned. For example, if you’re a keen triathlete you could have multiple training camps in the pipeline or be planning to fly off to many different locations. Wherever you’re heading an annual policy can cover you for all your trips.

And it’s not just about cycling! A good annual cycling travel insurance policy can cover you for all your holidays and trips in a year, including winter sports holidays (providing level 3 is selected). And what’s more, if you take out a family or couple policy, everyone covered by the policy will be covered for any individual trips they take too.

Get covered as soon as you book

A thing that a lot of people forget is that as soon as you’ve got a trip booked it makes sense to get your annual policy in place, as it provides cover in the event of a cancellation of any of your planned trips. Added to this, as and when other trips get organised through the year, arranging  insurance is one less thing to worry about, as you’re already covered.

Better value for money with annual insurance

Whilst you might have just one main holiday planned for the year ahead, it’s possible another short break or an opportunity for another trip might arise and once this happens having an annual policy makes far more sense than multiple single trip policies. This is particularly true the further afield you head, especially if your excursions take you outside of European borders to Canada or the USA, for example. Worldwide single trip policies can be expensive so if you’ve got more than one trip planned in the space of the year, it will be better value for money to get yourself covered with an annual insurance. Two or more trips within Europe will also work out cheaper on an annual insurance policy.

Aside from this, it’s also much simpler to have an annual policy! You can save on the paperwork by having all your policies in one combined annual policy so you can concentrate on making memories rather than admin!

Got a trip booked? Organise travel insurance today

Cycling holiday in MallorcaPedalCover has created travel insurance with cyclists in mind, offering you that extra little bit of peace of mind for any cycling trips or other holidays you may have organised. We understand some of the risks associated with travelling abroad with your bike and have designed a travel insurance that takes into consideration all these factors. No matter what kind of cyclist you are; our annual travel insurance will make sure you’re covered so you can enjoy your trip to the max!

If you would like to speak to us directly about our travel insurance, call 0800 121 4424 and a team member will be happy to help!

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