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Why Cyclists Should Consider Our Health Insurance

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As a cyclist, your health and well-being are paramount and part of the reason you took up cycling in the first place.

While our cycling insurance is essential for protecting your bike, health insurance is equally vital to ensure your overall health. With increasing pressures on public healthcare services, more people are turning to private medical insurance for viable and affordable peace of mind.

Here’s why you should consider our health insurance plan.

Reduced Waiting Times

Long waiting times can be a significant drawback when relying solely on public healthcare. With private health insurance, you can avoid lengthy waits and receive prompt medical attention. This is especially crucial for cyclists who need to recover quickly from injuries to get back on their bikes.

 Access to Breakthrough Treatments

When it comes to serious illnesses or injuries, having access to the best treatments and medications is crucial. Private medical insurance offers access to breakthrough treatments and cutting-edge medical technologies that may not yet be available through public healthcare. This includes advanced care for sports injuries and other cycling-related health issues.

Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility

Private health insurance often includes amenities that enhance your comfort during treatment, such as private en-suite rooms instead of crowded wards. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you receive treatment, making it easier to fit healthcare into your busy cycling schedule.

Digital GP Services

Enjoy peace of mind from the comfort of your own home with digital GP services. Our Private health insurance includes access to virtual consultations, allowing you to quickly and conveniently address health concerns without needing to visit a clinic in person.

Physiotherapy treatment

Quick Access to Cancer Treatment

For those diagnosed with cancer, time is of the essence. Private health insurance guarantees quick access to cancer treatment, ensuring that you receive timely and effective care.

Waiting Times

Nearly 8 million people are currently on waiting lists, with over 330,000 forced to wait more than 12 months for treatment. Avoiding these delays is one of the most significant advantages of health insurance.

Breakthrough Treatments

If you or a family member falls seriously ill, you want access to the best treatments, medicines, facilities, and consultants. Private medical insurance provides access to some breakthrough treatments not yet available through public healthcare, offering you the best possible care.


Many people are surprised to find that health insurance policies are more affordable than they imagined. Our expert advisers can find the perfect policy to suit your budget, often at much lower premiums than expected. Plus, the expert advice you receive is free, with no obligation and a price match guarantee.

Prioritising Your Health

The everyday expenses we prioritise can seem insignificant when faced with a serious illness or injury. Health insurance allows you to proactively protect your health, ensuring that you have access to high-quality care when you need it most. While we respect and support public healthcare services, private health insurance offers a faster, more efficient alternative.

Get Expert Advice and a Free Quote

To prioritise your health and ensure you have the best protection possible, consider our health insurance plans tailored for cyclists. For expert advice please call us on 01656 652977 or for a free no-obligation quote or enter your details https://pedalcover.co.uk/health-insurance.

Invest in your health today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected on and off the bike. Let’s ride towards a healthier future together!


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