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Insurance for cycling holidays shouldn't be a hassle

It doesn’t matter if you’re off on a road cycling holiday with your club,  a mountain bike trip with friends, or competing in events like sportives and triathlons abroad. Cycling holiday insurance is a must-have.

Cover for emergency medical care if you hurt yourself cycling is excluded on most travel insurance policies, but not on ours. We will give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’ll have financial cover and won’t be left stranded.

Our Travel Insurance now has Coronavirus coverage If you're travelling to an FCO approved country.

If you, your travelling companion or a close relative, contract the disease or have to quarantine, you're covered for cancellation costs. If you catch COVID19 whilst abroad, your medical costs are also covered. See the FAQs below for more info.

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If you are planning a cycling holiday, you need to make sure you have sufficient travel insurance.
Our travel insurance will cover you for medical mishaps and emergencies on your cycling holiday, along with essential covers like cancelled trips, lost luggage and holiday money.
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Cover for medical mishaps while riding is absolutely crucial and is the primary feature of our cycling travel insurance. It is also frequently missing from standard travel insurance policies. We cover the costs of emergency medical care from £2 million to £10 million.

Some travel insurance policies include limited cover for cycling, but check the small print, there are usually serious exclusions particularly for racing or training. We can cover you for a family cycling holiday, training camp, or during events such as Ironman Triathlon.

Whether you want a one-off policy for a cycling trip or a multi-trip policy for the whole year, we can put together a package to suit you.

We include up to £150 cover up to for lost or delayed baggage, £300 for holiday money, and £500 for valuables.

If you damage somebody’s property or injure another road user while cycling, you could find yourself liable for damages. Our cycle liability insurance includes £2 million public liability cover while cycling abroad.

Up to £5,000 cover for your travel and accommodation costs if you have to cancel your cycling holiday due to something unforeseen such as illness or injury.

Active people rarely restrict themselves to a single sport, and we know a lot of our customers swap their bicycles for skis in the winter. To save you buying a second specialist travel policy, you can add additional winter sports cover.

If you injure yourself cycling abroad, our holiday insurance will cover the costs of repatriating you back to the UK.

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How long do you require cover for?

The first thing to consider is how long you will need your cycling holiday insurance policy to cover you for. If you go on multiple cycling trips a year or participate in an annual race abroad, you can save money by choosing an insurance provider that covers multiple trips in one annual policy. As well as offering better value for money, there are a number of other reasons why a multi-trip policy makes sense.

Do you need competition cover?

Cyclists taking part in races, tours, triathlons and charity events will need to consider choosing a policy with competition cover. This means that if you have a crash during the competition or are injured, you will be insured for liability and medical costs. This is excluded on most travel insurance policies, but it’s available with us. We even offer you cover for cancelled competitions, so you aren’t left out of pocket for expensive race fees.
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Cycling Holiday Insurance FAQs

Most high street travel insurance policies are designed to cover the basics; things like delayed flights, lost baggage and holiday money. However, they are not designed to cover the extra risks of cycling holidays, and usually excludes cover for medical mishaps if you fall off your bike.

Our cycling holiday insurance covers everything  you would expect from a high street insurer, plus additional cover for cycling. This includes emergency medical care and repatriation if you have a crash with riding or racing and third party liability.

We can cover training camps as well as events such as triathlon racing. Make sure to select the appropriate level of cover when completing your online travel insurance quote.

An annual travel insurance policy allows individual trips of up to 31 or 60 days depending on the options you select on our online quote form. If you are going to be cycle touring or taking a longer holiday, single trip travel insurance is available for up to 120 days.

Our travel insurance is designed to cover you for emergency medical care and repatriation if you injure yourself on a cycling holiday. It isn’t designed to cover your bike. If you need cover for your bike we can insure it as part of a home insurance policy. 

From the 17th March 2020 until the 1st September, our policies do not provide cover for any claims arising from or in connection with the COVID-19 virus after the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised against all but essential travel.

From the 1st September, the following cover is available under the policy for trips booked to the list of countries which are exempt from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) restrictions:

  • Full benefit of the medical expenses section of your policy, which will also apply if you contract COVID-19.
  • If you, a travelling companion, or immediate relative become ill and are unable to travel for a medical reason (including COVID-19) then you will be able to make a cancellation claim.

For more information please check our list of FAQs below:

I wish to book a new trip, will my policy cover me?
Your policy excludes cover if at the time of scheduled departure the FCO advises against all but essential travel to the country to which you are travelling. On 17/03/2020, the FCO issued advice against all but essential international travel, which remained in place until 04/07/2020, when certain countries were exempted. For a list of these countries – which is subject to change at short notice – please consult the FCO website.

Am I covered for cancellation costs if the FCO changes its advice and restricts travel to my destination?
We may consider cancellation claims for unrecoverable costs if the FCO advises against all travel to your destination and:

  • You booked your trip prior to the 13/03/2020 and the FCO directive is in force at the point of your departure.
  • You booked your trip after the 4/07/2020 to a destination that the FCO allowed international travel and the FCO subsequently changes it advice to restrict travel to that destination.

Please note that your policy has a general exclusion for any claims relating to an epidemic or pandemic. On 11th March, the World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus a pandemic. Unfortunately, due to this we cannot guarantee that we are able to cover your claim.

Will you cover me if I have had Covid-19?
We will be able to cover you if you have had Covid-19 and can meet the following criteria; have fully recovered from COVID-19 for two months or longer and; have no residual complications and; have had a period of 2 months or more from testing positive and/or the latest test is negative. If you can meet this criteria please ensure you declare this condition and answer all the questions. If you cannot meet this criteria in full, we are not able to offer cover, please return to us when you can.

What happens if the NHS tell me to quarantine – will I be covered?
If the government has requested you or a member of your travelling party specifically to quarantine before you travel due to being exposed to Covid-19 then yes you will be covered.

What if I am asked to quarantine whilst on holiday? No cover is provided if you are requested to quarantine whilst on holiday.

Will I be covered if I catch Covid-19 whilst on holiday? Yes we will provide emergency medical treatment if you should contract Covid-19 whilst on holiday. It is important that you contact the assistance team to help you get the best help for look after your medical treatment.

What if I’ve been left stranded abroad due to COVID 19?
If you travel to a country to which international travel is permitted by the FCO, and the UK Government subsequently issues advice to return to the UK, we may consider claims for reasonable additional, unrecoverable, travel expenses for the curtailment or extension of your trip. We recommend that you:

  • Continue to liaise with your travel provider to see what options may be available
  • Continue to refer to FCO and other websites offering advice on the potential repatriation of stranded UK nationals overseas
  • Minimise any additional costs that you incur
  • Keep receipts for your additional costs

I am being asked to pay the final instalments of my holiday but I am uncertain my holiday will proceed due to COVID 19.
If you have not yet made the final payment for your booked trip and your travel provider is asking you to make your payment, we suggest you proceed as follows:

  • Contact your provider to see if the date of final payment can be amended in light of the current circumstances
  • If this is not possible and you expect the trip to go ahead, then we recommend that you make your final payment as required. Your trip will still be insured.
  • If your travel provider subsequently cancels your trip, they must offer you a full refund.
  • Please be aware that your policy only covers unrecoverable If you accept an offer of credit or a voucher, this will be considered as a cash equivalent. If you require a cash refund you should insist on one from your travel provider.

We may consider cancellation claims for unrecoverable costs if the FCO advises against all travel to your destination and:

  • You booked your trip prior to the 13/03/2020 and the FCO directive is in force at the point of your departure.
  • You booked your trip after the 4/07/2020 to a destination that the FCO allowed international travel and the FCO subsequently changes it advise to restrict travel to that destination.

Instead of a refund my tour operator is offering the same trip at a later date. Can I defer my travel insurance?
For annual multi trip policies, we look to cover the deferred trip on the basis of the original booking as long as the destination and trip duration remain the same. Under our policies cancellation cover effects from the time of booking the trip, which will remain the original date, and all other sections come into effect once you leave or home or place of business to commence the trip.

I am unable to return home due to reasons beyond my control and my insurance is about to expire?
If you become stranded overseas, your policy (or trip limit) will automatically extend by a period of up to 60 days so you will continue to have cover while you are stuck abroad. However, if you remain overseas by choice, the above terms will not apply.

I am looking to book my holiday for the end of the year/next year. What are my travel insurance options?
This is an unprecedented and dynamic event that we appreciate is of great concern to our customers.  It is impossible for us to give definitive statements to every set of circumstances.

Before booking any trip, please check with the FCO to ensure that there aren’t any restrictions to the destination. If you travel to a country to which international travel is permitted by the FCO at the time of booking and the FCO travel advice subsequently changes, you may be covered for refundable costs.

If the country does not appear on the list of exempted countries at the time of booking, then we will not be able to consider a cancellation claim