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An extra boost or the freedom to explore - electric bike insurance

Electric bike ownership is booming, and their owners are becoming more varied. Whether it’s those who use it for their daily commute, those who still want to ride the mountain bike trails but would like a helping hand up the hills, or people with limited mobility re-discovering the freedom to travel unaided, electric bikes are becoming a common sight across the UK.

When it comes to insuring your electric bike, the story is not so straightforward. Many insurers simply won’t provide cover and those that do, often have strict conditions and limitations, not to mention high premiums, that deter many people from insuring their e-bike

We cover electric bicycles on home insurance as standard, along with your buildings and contents, often for less than a cycle-only insurer can cover just your bike.

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Our home insurance is backed by AXA, the 2nd largest insurer in the world

We cover your home for building and contents plus additional cycling benefits....

Taxi Re-imbursement Cove

Electric bicycles can be complicated to maintain and repair. If a mechanical breakdown means you end up stuck by the side of the road, there's no need to push your e- bike home. You can arrange a taxi to take you and your electric bicycle home and claim up to £200 cost back from us later.​

Public Liability

Third party cycling claims against electric bike riders are far less common than theft and crashes, but they can be much more serious. Ebike liability is especially important since bikes are faster and heavier than a traditional bicycle. Our home insurance includes liability cover while cycling. If you injure another road user or damage someone's property as a result of an electric bike mishap, you are covered up to £2 million.

Multi-bike cover

We don’t charge per bike, nor do we have any trouble insuring those who have splashed out on something extra special. Whether your household has one bicycle or ten, the premium is the same and you are covered up to £30,000.​

Theft Away from the home

More than 500,000 bikes are reported stolen every year in the UK, so you’ll be pleased to hear our home insurance policy includes bicycle theft insurance. We have security requirements you need to follow, but if your bicycle is stolen from your home, out and about, or while on holiday, it's covered by PedalCover.

Buildings & Contents

We don’t charge per bike. So whether your household has one bike…or ten bikes (don’t tell my partner!), the price and cover will remain the same.

Crash Damage

We don't just cover your electric bicycle for theft. If you have a crash and damage your e-bike, we cover the costs of repair or replacement too.

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Providing Home and Electric Bike Insurance across the UK

Combining home and ebike insurance under one policy cuts the hassle and expense of dealing with separate providers, and is much more cost-effective. We automatically cover up to £30,000 worth of bicycles including ebikes as part of your home and contents insurance. 

Multi-bike as standard

With Pedalcover you don’t have to specify your ebikes and there’s no limit on the value or number of bikes – they’re all covered. Our policy covers all forms of bicycles, so you are not limited to electric bikes. 

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Electric Bike Insurance FAQs

No… It’s a lot more than just electric bike theft insurance.

While many home insurance policies include cover for electric bike theft, in most cases that is where their cover ends.

When you take out a home insurance policy with Pedal Cover, we automatically include essential cover such as crash damage, theft away from home, liability riding your electric bicycles in the UK and on holiday.

We provide all of the extra cover you would usually have to pay high premiums for with a specialist cycle insurer, and we can provide all of this at the same time as your home and contents insurance. 


You are not limited to electric bikes on our home insurance. All pedal cycles are covered by the policy, electric or not, including road, mountain and cargo bikes. 

Electric bicycles and electric cargo bikes generally have higher values than traditional bicycles, and this can be an issue when looking for home insurance. Our cycling home insurance includes £30,000 worth of cover as standard which applies to your electric bikes. That means up to £30,000 of ebikes are covered at and away from your home

Yes, absolutely. All of the ebikes in your household are covered by our policy, and and the cover extends to every member of your family who uses them. This means if you and your partner both have electric bikes, or if you are taking several bicycles abroad for a family holiday, you can be comfortable in the knowledge they are covered with no additional premiums to pay.

We have split responsibility for claims between the Pedal Cover team, and our underwriters at AXA.

AXA are the experts when it comes to home insurance claims, and are able to provide enormous resource to settle home insurance claims incredibly efficiently.

We are the bicycle insurance experts however, and deal with any electric bike insurance claims personally.