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Trustpilot five star review of Pedalcover electric bike insuranceThe growth in electric bike use shows no sign of stopping. As the technology continues to develop, the bikes are becoming lighter, battery life is improving and the range of eBikes to choose from is increasing. Likewise, electric bike owners are also becoming more varied, whether it’s those who use it for their daily commute, those who still want to ride the trails but no longer have the fitness or downhill riders who don’t like the uphill slog, these bikes are becoming a common sight across the UK.

However, when it comes to insuring your electric bike, the story is not so straightforward. Many insurers simply won’t provide cover and those that do often have strict conditions and limitations, not to mention high premiums, that deter many people from insuring their e-bike.

Why Choose Pedalcover For Your eBike Insurance?

At Pedalcover, we treat electric bikes exactly the same as traditional bikes, meaning you get the same great cover whether your bike is battery powered or not. What’s more, this is combined with our building and contents insurance for your home too, giving you complete peace of mind. And that’s not all. Our home and bike policy covers all of the bikes in the household in one single policy, with no limit on the number or value of the bikes.  And if that wasn’t enough, in most cases, you get all this for less than most bike-only insurance policies on the market.
Sound too good to be true? Request a quote now and discover why more and more bike owners are choosing Pedalcover.

Key Features of our Electric Bike Insurance Policy

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  • Cover for all your bikes, electric or not.
  • No exclusions whilst riding the eBike – covered for all use other than downhill racing.
  • Public liability cover in the UK.
  • Theft cover.
  • Crash damage cover.
  • Cover for accessories too (helmets, Garmin watches etc.)
  • New for old cover, up to at least 10 years.
  • Buildings and Content Insurance for your home.



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Electric Mountain Bike (eMTB) Insurance

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One of the biggest growth areas in electric bikes in recent years has been in the mountain bike sector. If you’ve visited a trail centre recently, you can’t have failed to notice the influx of these machines zipping up the climbs. Of course this technology comes at a price (quite often a hefty one) and the popularity of these bikes also means that unfortunately they have become a target for thieves. It therefore makes sense to have an insurance policy that provides protection against theft, whether from your home or when out and about. And of course it’s not just the bike that can cost a few quid, the plethora of clothing and accessories can also add up and so you need a policy that covers these items too. Another important thing to consider is insurance against crash damage. As any mountain biker knows,  crashes can happen and so having protection against expensive repair bills also makes sense. Talk to our team today and find out why more and more eMTB riders are choosing to protect themselves, and their bikes, with PedalCover.

FAQs About Insuring Electric Bicycles

Are there any limitations on the power of the bike?

Your e-bike must comply with all current EPAC regulations, including those regarding maximum power output.

Is crash damage covered?


Is there cover for public liability?


Is theft from a bike rack covered?

Yes, if the bike is locked to the rack with a separate lock.

Is the bike covered in a detached garage?

Bikes are covered in all outbuildings up to their full value providing the building is locked.

Is damage to accessories covered?


Is the policy New for Old?

Yes, up to at least 10 year old bikes

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