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Big Christmas presents for cyclists

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December has come around, the tree is up, and the bib tights are on. Christmas is finally here – hoorah! It is a time of year with many upsides and a few sources of added stress. One thing we often struggle with is the big gifts, the gifts you want to give your most cherished loved ones to really make their day. Something they want but don’t know they want. Something amazing, something unexpected. We’ve put together a guide on five big presents for your favourite cycle fanatic.

Bike race or sportive

Cyclists train all year round, some race and others don’t but we all ride. We all like to push ourselves a little up the climbs and go for Strava segments every now and then so why not give your loved one the greatest gift of all – something to train for.  Having something to train for adds a new dimension to riding that many riders enjoy. 

Pedal Cover customers get exclusive discounts on the famous Mallorca 312, a loop of the Serra Tramuntana mountains. This event takes in some of the most beautiful cycling available in the world.

Big Christmas presents for cyclists

British Cycling Gold Membership 

Bike racing is an expensive sport. There’s all sorts of costs from bike mechanics, physios, race entries, travel and more. On top of all of this you need a license to race in the UK which isn’t cheap. British Cycling comes with a number of membership options from Bronze to Gold. Gold membership makes sure your bike racer will be covered in any scenario that can arise from a bike race (and we’ve seen it all). Pedal Cover customers get a huge 50% discount from BC and the best part of this is that this present lasts exactly a year meaning you’re sorted for every Christmas in perpetuity. 


It seems obvious but it had to go on the list. It can be said confidently that there is no cyclist on earth who does not want another bike. We’ve all heard about the n+1 rule and it’s popular because it is true. Pedal Cover is not only an insurer of homes with bikes in them but also the purveyor of great discounts. One of those is at Giant where we offer customers an exclusive 20% off purchases. I rode a Propel for years (before writing it off in a high speed crash) and it was a great bike! Pictured below is a gravel bike from their new Revolt range.

Big Christmas presents for cyclists

A magazine subscription   

When not cycling or at work earning money to spend on cycling cyclists need something to do. Reading about cycling is one popular option. There are a huge number of choices when it comes to reading about cycling and it mostly depends on what kind of cyclist your cycling friend is. Are they a roady? Then perhaps a subscription to Cycling Weekly will do, alternatively if they’re a rough and tumble off-road type then how about a subscription to MBR Magazine or MBUK? What if your friend is a swimming and running cyclist? Perhaps a subscription to Triathlon 220 or Triathlete? Pedal Cover customers get a discount on a range of cycling mags! Magazine subscriptions are a gift that keeps on giving too with a new one appearing every month. 

A clean bike 

A clean bike is a fast bike. It’s also a bike less likely to make annoying noises. We aren’t suggesting you clean their bike for them, though that probably would go down rather well, but instead buy them a power washer kit. This one from Muc-Off (pictured below) is designed specifically for bikes with all sorts of adaptable ends. This helps get into the nooks and crannies to keep their bike running clean and smooth. Pedal Cover customers (once again) get a huge 20% discount from Muc-Off! It even comes with a hat to cap it all off.

Big Christmas presents for cyclists

If you or your other half has a house full of expensive bicycles, you could save on your home insurance with Pedal Cover. We provide home and contents insurance bundled with comprehensive bicycle cover, comparable to a stand-alone bicycle policy. All of this is backed up with an i-house, expert, and award-winning bicycle claims team. Quote online, and see if we can save you money on your home insurance renewal.

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