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The Importance of Third Party Cycle Insurance at Home & Abroad

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With the ever-increasing popularity of cycling, not to mention the range of bikes and types of cycling, as well as the plethora of cycling-related events and trips on offer, having cycling liability insurance has never been more important. A number of recent high profile incidents involving bikes and cyclists have only served to highlight the fact that, unfortunately, accidents do happen and if you’re involved in such an accident and are proven to be at fault, you could be personally liable for any claims against you. It, therefore, makes sense to have a cycle insurance policy that will provide third-party cover for you for such eventualities. And luckily there’s no shortage of providers on the market who will sell you such a policy, which is great.

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All sound straightforward so far?

Well, it is, until you start delving deeper into these policies and the limitations that some of them impose. When looking for a policy it’s important to look at the extent to which liability cover is provided and any restrictions that may be in place. It could be dangerous, and potentially extremely costly, to assume that the policy will automatically cover you for all types of cycling and in all locations around the world. Many providers will have strict rules and limits on the level of liability cover and it’s vital you understand these when buying a policy. Just because a policy covers you riding around the streets of your local town, it doesn’t mean it will also cover you when competing in a sportive abroad!

Get cycling liability cover that’s right for you

Unfortunately, and all too often, we hear of cases where an individual has assumed they had cover for a particular activity only to discover that in fact, their policy didn’t extend to the activity in question. And, of course, the only time they discover this is when it comes to making a claim, or in other words, far too late. Likewise, there are other instances where the level of liability cover on offer by a provider has fallen short of what was required or cases where excessively high excesses on a policy has ended up costing the individual more than they had bargained for.Celebrating with bike at the top of a climb

The type of cycling you’ll be doing and where you’ll be doing it are important considerations when deciding on a cycling liability policy. Whether you’re commuting, riding socially with mates, joining club rides, or doing some mountain biking, triathlons, time trials or sportives, each insurance provider will have their own set of rules and restrictions regarding the level of liability cover.

Pedalcover’s home and bike insurance policy provides up to £2m liability cover and will cover you in the UK for all the types of cycling listed above. If you’re looking to venture further afield and do some cycling outside of the UK, then you’ll also need our cycling travel insurance policy which again will provide you with up to £2m liability cover and this includes competing in sportives and triathlons abroad. That means if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with a fellow participant and it is proven to be your fault, you’ll be covered for any claims made against you.

Making sure the level of liability cover offered by your cycling insurance policy is right for the type of cycling and the places you’ll be doing it is vital to avoid any nasty surprises in the event of a claim.

Cycling Liability Insurance Explained

As with all aspects of insurance, liability insurance can seem a bit bewildering and getting the cover that’s right for you can seem to be a bit easier said than done. So let us help you! Our team here at Pedalcover are, first and foremost, all cyclists and so understand the decisions you face. They’ll be happy to chat through your options and help you make the right decisions.

Give us a call today on 0800 121 4424 to discuss your options.

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