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A Guide to Cycling Liability Insurance

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What is cycling liability insurance, and do I need it?

Whatever type of cycling you do, whether riding for fun, commuting, keeping fit or even racing, there is always the possibility that you may be responsible for an accident that involves other people. Regardless of whether it’s a fellow cyclist, a pedestrian, or even a vehicle, it’s essential to understand the implications of the accident is proven to be your fault.

guide to cycling liability insurance

Third party cycle Insurance – is a must for cyclists

Public liability cover for cyclists or triathletes is similar to a third-party only car insurance policy. It covers the costs of damaging someone’s property or injuring them whilst out on your bike. People often refer to third party insurance as personal, public or liability in insurance documents.

Even though £1m of public liability cover sounds ample, often claims can escalate. If you caused a motorist to crash or even stop suddenly, you could face legal costs, fees for medical complaints like whiplash and vehicle repair costs (this can quickly add up if it’s an expensive vehicle!). Expenses could mount even for minor incidents; if you cause serious injuries, the cost implications can be huge.

If you cause an accident, motorists are not your only concern. Suppose you were to crash your bike into a high-flying person such as an investment banker or famous pop star; they could sue you for a substantial loss of earnings. For this reason, at Pedal Cover, our bundled home and bicycle insurance provides up to £2 million of cover.

I’m already a British Cycling/British Triathlon member, so I must be covered, right?

Yes and no.

If you’re a member of a cycling or triathlon club or race on your bike, be it crits, time-trials or triathlon, chances someone has told you to buy public liability cover. Whilst membership of British Cycling (silver or higher) and British Triathlon does give you public liability cover; it does not cover member to member liability in an event!

Even though you are covered if you were to hit a pedestrian or damage a vehicle, in reality, the party you are most likely to injure or be injured by in any race is a fellow participant! And if they are also a member of British Cycling or British Triathlon, then neither of you will be covered.

Pedal Cover offers public liability to help address shortcomings in other cycling and triathlon insurance policies.

I’m going abroad with my bike – will my holiday insurance cover me for liability while cycling?

Many travel policies have restrictions, and whilst they may offer public liability cover, for some, they often exclude racing disciplines.

We have designed Pedal Cover’s cycling travel insurance for cyclists and triathletes. It provides £2million public liability as standard with no exclusions on triathlon, sportives, time trials or cycle racing meaning you can enjoy your big races with complete peace of mind.

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