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Our home and bike policy is something pretty special. It’s unique to us and that’s something we’re very proud of.

There are lots of bike-only insurers and home insurers in the marketplace, but our experience has shown that the policies they provide never quite hit the mark in terms of what we’re looking for as triathletes and cyclists.

It’s the reason we set up PedalCover in the first place.

We launched the UK’s first home insurance for triathletes and cyclists and since then many other providers have tried to copy what we do.

As a team of cyclists and triathletes, we designed a bespoke policy to suit our needs, and the overwhelming feedback we’ve had since we launched is that it suits your needs too.


Providing Cycle Insurance across the UK

We’re now insuring thousands of cyclists and triathletes across the UK, all of whom have discovered the considerable benefits of combining their home and bicycle insurance policies. All of our customers can focus on their passion for cycling, safe in the know that they’re covered by one of the UK’s largest insurers – AXA Insurance.

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If you have any questions about our policy, we’re not a call centre but a team of passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated cyclists (and insurance experts!) who would be happy to discuss these with you. We understand what you need from a policy and what concerns you have, so please call us today as we would love to tell you more about our unique offering.

A Lot More Than Just Bicycle Theft Insurance

While there are a number of bicycle-only insurance providers in the marketplace, if you’re a keen cyclist or triathlete chances are you’ll have more than one bike, on top of kit, wetsuits and other accessories.

When you come to insure all of this equipment, you would normally have to take out separate home and bike insurance policies, because the cover provided within a standard home insurance policy would not give you enough cover for your bikes.

You would also have to list all of the bikes that you have, pushing the cost of the insurance premium up. What’s more, there is often a limit placed on the value of your bikes.


With Pedalcover you don’t have to specify your bikes and there’s no limit on the value or number of bikes – they’re all covered.

Combining home and bike insurance under one policy cuts the hassle and expense of dealing with separate providers and is much more cost-effective.

Pedalcover Home & Bike Insurance


We cover your home for building and contents plus...
Our Home & Bike Policy Benefits

Airline cover

All bikes

Breakdown cover



Crash damage

Kit & accessories cover

Personal accident

Race fee cancellation




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