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The latest tech: a look at Eurobike 2018

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Eurobike is a hub for pioneering, two-wheeled technology – from the wacky to the wonderful and downright bizarre, Eurobike really does have it all. Taking place in July every year, we’re treated to a crop of new tech every summer, perfect for those looking to splash out with their hard earned cash.

The tech seen at this July’s Eurobike saw an eclectic mix of gadgets, gizmos and tech revolutions, all ready to make their debut on everything from the local commute, to the pro peloton. Here are our top-tech picks from Eurobike 2018…

Cycle fast with the CeramicSpeed DrivEn

Wow factor: 10/10

Tech rating: 9.5/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: Until we see it actually working, this is neither a fad nor flop, but we’re certainly intrigued.

Gone is the traditional chain-powered drivetrain and in is the new, 21-bearing roller pinion drive shaft system, aka Ceramic Speed’s DrivEn. This new, patent pending technology from Ceramic Speed claims to be ‘the world’s most efficient drivetrain’ with a self-acclaimed efficiency rating of 99%. With chain sliding friction eliminated and watts saved as a result, this promises to be the fastest way to pedal a bike in the near future. But will it catch on? There’s a lot of work still to do before we can even get our hands on the tech to try it out so don’t throw away your QuickLinks and chain whips just yet.

Poc and Forth Commuter wear for commuting cyclists 

Wow factor: 7/10

Tech rating: 7/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: New commuting fad.

Blending the close-fitting technology of road racing gear with the technological innovation of commuting wear and gadgetry, Poc have created a line of commuter clothing that will make those early morning commutes all the more pleasurable – they say. Among their new commuting line are the groovy-looking magnetic tabs for front and rear lights. The lights stick to the tab and then flash white or red, depending on whether they are placed on the front or rear – simple, but extremely smart commuting technology.

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Give your bike a stunning paint job with Parlee Custom Colour Lab 

Wow factor: 9.5/10

Tech rating: 2/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: Fad, what’s not to love about a brand-spanking new paintjob?

Nothing quite beats the feel of a brand new bike, we understand that, but a gleaming, dazzling new paintjob sure does push it close. Parlee’s custom colour lab were showcasing some drop-dead gorgeous paintjobs at Eurobike 2018, punters fawning over each frame as if they were Jackson Pollock originals. We scored it low on the tech side because, well, it’s just paint – even if it is really, really nice paint.

All about the splatter!

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Cycling safety with Giro Chrono Reflective Technology 

Wow factor: 8/10

Tech rating: 7/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: One bright, groovy fad.

Giro’s new reflective technology is a thing to behold, the flash of a light or camera enough to illuminate the psychedelic print on their wind jackets and warn motorists that the wearer is right there in front of them. Giro has also added similar reflective technology to their new Synthe helmet and Empire shoes, making them perfect safety gear for rides at dusk and even in the dead of night.

Test your bike pressure with Quarg Tyrewise

Wow factor: 8/10

Tech rating: 8/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: A rather niche product, but could become a cult classic among certain cycling circles.

Mounting on the valve stem to measure your tyre’s pressure while on the fly, the Quarg TyreWiz is a neat little piece of kit that can hook right up to your GPS computer unit or smartphone. Not everyone needs to keep a close eye on their PSI, but if you’re pounding rough terrain and feel that some air is escaping, this is a handy piece of kit. For mechanics taking their machines for a test run, this little gadget could soon become part of their regular toolkit.

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The Wow Factor with the Ceepo Time-Trial concept bike 

Wow factor: 10/10

Tech rating: 9/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: Could become the new triathlon fad, but we can’t see it being made UCI-legal anytime soon.

Redefining all the classic geometries of a bicycle, the new Ceepo TT concept bike has won a Eurobike award for its ingenuity and groundbreaking design. The new fork, if you can call it that, dramatically reduces the bike’s frontal area to improve aero efficiency. The bike also forgoes the seat tube to save weight and add even more aero. Resembling something more from the movie ‘Tron’, rather than the world of professional bike racing, this is one machine that may take a while to make its debut on the WorldTour racing scene.

Pioneering safety with the Poc Omne Helmet 

Wow factor: 7/10

Tech rating: 7.5/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: Simplicity sells, this is a definite fad.

Pioneers in cycle safety, Poc are back at it with their bright and functional new helmets, the Omne integrating a sheering technology into the helmet padding which helps to reduce rotational violence on the brain in the event of a crash. With the threat of concussions in sport becoming better understood, this helmet has come at the perfect time, incorporating smart design and high build quality to create an unbeatable, sleek helmet for all types of cycling.


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The speedy Ridley Noah Fast, fit for the professionals

Wow factor: 9/10

Tech rating: 8/10

Fab fad or fatal flop: Pro-racing fad, get ready to see your cycling heroes rocking this machine.

One of the few bikes to make our list, and for good reason, this new aero disc bike is an absolute stunner. The Ridley Noah Fast is by name what it is in nature – speedy. As the latest aero-specific bike for the professional Lotto-Soudal racing team, this is a bike that has been specifically designed to shave as much weight and add as much aero as possible. To do this, Ridley have seemingly integrated everything; there’s no cables in sight, the fork smoothly transitions into the downtube and the handlebar and stem are one complete unit. Complete with Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed, this is one machine that also makes no compromise in classy aesthetics – a gorgeous object and no doubt a thrill to ride.

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Which tech comes out on top from Eurobike 2018?

While Ceramic Speed may have blown us all out of the water with their new DrivEn system, redefining the very act of pedalling a bike, it was Poc and Forth’s new, understated commuting line that really turned our heads.

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Blending style with function, Poc and Forth have hit the nail on the head commuting wise, creating a perfect range of clothing and gadgets to heighten anyone’s commuting experience. Not everyone is a diehard roadie, or full-time bicycle mechanic, but a sleek, reflective commuting jacket is something pretty much every rider can get behind.

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