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What’s the average cost of motorhome insurance?

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The average cost of motorhome insurance in 2022

If you have decided to hit the open road and are considering purchasing a Motorhome or Campervan for cycling tours, you might want to know the average cost of motorhome insurance.

What's the average cost of motorhome insurance

Like your car, the law requires you to insure your motorhome or campervan—the average cost of motorhome insurance is around £360 for a vehicle costing £45,000.

There are several factors the insurer will consider when producing a quote for you:

  • What is the value of the vehicle?
  • Who uses the vehicle? (Drivers age, occupation, number of drivers)
  • What motorhome security do you have? (Alarm, tracker, immobiliser, steering lock etc.)
  • Where are you going to keep the vehicle? (Garage, driveway, on the road etc.)

Because of these and other factors, the average cost of motorhome insurance can vary significantly depending on your circumstances. Our below guide will show you what you can expect when shopping around for a quote.

Vehicle Value

The main factor affecting the average cost of motorhome insurance is the vehicle’s cost.

As we all know, prices in recent years have increased significantly for several reasons. The typical insurance cost is likely greater because of increased vehicle prices.

The higher the price of your motorhome means a greater risk to the insurer in the event of damage or theft, so prices are set accordingly.

The average cost of motorhome insurance is £360 for an average driver with a vehicle valued in the region of £45,000

Please see the below example of quotes for a sample driver for some popular vehicles in the UK as provided by Money Super Market.

The average cost of Motorhome Insurance for popular 2020 models

Make Model Value Quote
Weinsberg Carabus 600 £45,000 £362
Sunlight Cliff 640 £45,000 £362
Swift Edge 464 £48,000 £362
VW California Beach £60,000 £506
Sun Living A70DK £70,000 £536
Adria Matrix Axes £70,000 £536

As you can see from the table above, the vehicle’s value will significantly affect the price you will pay for your insurance. A two-year-old Weinsberg Carabus, Sunlight Cliff or Swift Edge valued around £45,000 will cost about £360 to insure.

The much higher priced models of Sun Living and Adria, which cost about £70,000, mean an increase in the price of about £170 more to insure.

Motorhome and Campervan Security

Your motorhome may be installed with a factory alarm as standard. For peace of mind, you may also install additional security measures; for example, a tracker may lower your premium; although these may be expensive, you may benefit from reduced premiums in the long run.

We have listed below other things to consider:

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps wrap around the outside of the tyre and usually cover the wheel bolts, and provide an excellent visible deterrent to reduce the risk of the vehicle being driven away. Wheel locks prevent the wheel from rotating. Sold Secure rate wheels clamps, and you should only buy products with a Gold rating.

Steering wheel locks

Steering wheel locks can be chain and padlock, bar lock, or circular and act as a visual deterrent.

An alarm

A motorhome alarm acts as an audio deterrent. The alarm is usually installed in the base vehicle. The alarm typically comes with a window sticker that you may strategically place to let potential thieves know that your car is protected, enticing them to try another target.

An immobiliser

Once more, immobilisers are usually fitted to the base of your vehicle. If thieves get inside your motorhome, it’s advantageous to have an immobiliser because it impedes their ability to drive away. When you turn off your engine, the immobiliser automatically turns on.

A tracking device

It is a monitoring device that must be registered with a control centre. If you’re unfortunate enough to have your motorhome stolen, a signal is sent to a control centre, locating the vehicle so it can be recovered.

When selecting the appropriate security device(s) for your motorhome, make sure that you invest in the highest quality product you can afford. Thatcham should approve alarms and trackers.

Motorhome and Campervan Storage

Although many of us may not have a garage big enough to house our vehicle, research shows us that this is the insurer’s preferred choice as policies are significantly cheaper when this is where your vehicle is usually kept.

When kept in a garage, the average cost of motorhome insurance is £325. The average cost of motorhome insurance parked on the road is £431. Even parking your motorhome on your driveway will reduce the cost.

Choose a storage facility where it is impossible to store your motorhome at home. Different insurers take differing views, and the pricing can vary.

The average cost of Motorhome Insurance based on storage

Location Quote
Locked garage at home £325
On the driveway £362
Home on the road £431
CaSSOA site (low-end) £382

Who uses the vehicle?

Adding a driver to your policy generally means the costs will go up, so if you think your partner or family member will not use the vehicle often, it may be worth leaving them off the policy. Other things to consider are the driver’s age, occupation, and driving record, as these will be factors an insurer will consider when assessing the premium.

Even an experienced additional driver with a good driving record will add an average of £50 per driver to the cost. Most insurers will allow an additional four drivers, and some will allow more.

Please be aware that if you add a driver midway through your policy, some insurers will charge an additional fee for amending your policy mid-term.


What is the typical cost to Tax and Insure my Motorhome or Campervan?

The good news is, if your motorhome is over 40 years old, it will cost you nothing. However, if your days of being in a VW bay are behind you, the tax costs are as follows:

A vehicle under 3500kg with an engine over 1549cc will cost £295.00 a year.

The average cost of motorhome insurance of £360, combined with the cost of the tax is £655.

Would I be able to drive a motorhome on my car insurance?

No, it needs its own policy, just like your car; it’s a legal requirement. You cannot use your third-party coverage from your car insurance and leave the vehicle uninsured on the road.

Can I take my Motorhome to Europe?

Most insurers realise that travelling abroad is part of the reason you will have purchased a leisure vehicle. An element of travel cover is included as standard; it’s essential to check the policy wording before you head off, especially if you plan to be away for extended periods.

You may need to add breakdown cover separately, and this is an add-on with some insurers but is sometimes cheaper than sourcing a separate policy elsewhere.

Is it expensive to insure a motorhome?

It can depend on your vehicle type, where you store it, what security measures it has and who will drive it. However, typical policies range from £300 to £450

Will a Campervan be cheaper than a Motorhome to Insure?

Historically a campervan may have been less expensive to buy, meaning the risk to the insurer was reduced. However, a brand new VW California can cost £79,000, depending on the vehicle’s cost and the other rating factors.

Sample Quotes Methodology

We obtained numerous online quotes to arrive at our average cost of motorhome insurance. We priced policies for five popular vehicles in the UK

Make Model Value Quote
Weinsberg Carabus 600 £45,000 £362
Sunlight Cliff 640 £45,000 £362
Swift Edge 464 £48,000 £362
VW California Beach £60,000 £506
Sun Living A70DK £70,000 £536
Adria Matrix Axes £70,000 £536

Our sample driver was a 47-year-old male with a clean driving license with 0 years NCD, the vehicle quoted had a factory-fitted alarm and was stored on the driveway.

The five cheapest quotes were averaged to give an idea of what a motorhome owner may pay for an insurance policy.

You get what you pay for, and the cheapest policies are not always the best option; they may come with fewer features.

Additionally, they may not have the best reviews for handling claims. You must consider more than just the price, given that next to the home or bicycles, this may be the next most expensive item.

The information above is a guide only; the price you may pay for your insurance will vary depending on numerous factors.


Visit our dedicated motorhome insurance quote page.

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