Pedalcover Bike & Home include...


More than 500,000 bikes are stolen every year (and the numbers are rising fast), so you’ll be pleased to hear our policy covers theft!

Personal injury

Crashes and cycling injuries are an unfortunate part of most rider’s relationship with their bikes. While no one likes to be forced off the bike by injury, the good news is that we’ve got you covered if you are.

All bikes

We don’t charge per bike. So whether your household has one bike…or ten bikes (don’t tell my partner!), the price and cover will remain the same.


If you like a trip abroad with your bike, and let’s be honest who doesn’t, we cover all your bikes, kit and accessories worldwide, allowing you to travel and ride with complete peace of mind.

Crash damage

Crashes and accidents happen…even to the pros. We provide full crash damage to bikes worldwide giving you peace of mind wherever you’re riding.

Kit & accessories cover

When you start to add everything up – from your helmet to your Garmin, your sunglasses to your shoes – your kit and accessories can cost as much as your bike! That’s why our cover protects not just your bike but everything else you need to enjoy your passion to the max.


We don’t just cover your home but everything in it….so that’s your turbo trainer sorted!


Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t just cover your bikes but your home too!

Airline cover

Travelling abroad with your bike? Our policy covers you if your bike or bike box are damaged on a plane.

Race fee cancellation

Not only do we cover you when competing in time trials, triathlons, Enduro XC and sportives but we also cover you when you can’t race. We know how much some of these races cost, so race fee cover comes as standard.


Imagine competing in a triathlon and getting to the transition area to find your bike or parts have been stolen…’s the stuff of nightmares! Fear not, our policy includes transition cover protecting your bike and accessories .

Breakdown cover

What’s worse than having a breakdown or accident while out on your bike? Yes, that’s right…being stranded. Fear not, we’ll cover the cost of a taxi!