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Finding the best bycling travel insurance

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Admit it, you’re staring at the computer screen pretending to work but really you’re planning your next cycling adventure.

What’s on your Bicycle Bucket List – those legendary 21 switchbacks of Alpe d’Huez, conquering Mont Ventoux or perhaps you’re dreaming of bike-packing in Morocco?

If you’ve been away with your bike before, you already know that planning is the way to turn that dream into reality. Bike in top condition – tick. Suntan lotion (and rain cape but definitely won’t need it) – tick. cycling travel insurance – hmmm, can I get away with not having it?

“I’ve already got travel insurance”

A common misconception is that your standard travel insurance will cover you regardless of what you get up to on your cycling trip or holiday. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and a standard policy can often be limited, especially if the level of activity exceeds a stroll to the nearest poolside lounger.

So you may find you’re not adequately covered. Heaven forbid you should be considering throwing yourself down a mountain trail on two wheels or joining 2000 other participants in an overseas sportive! So always double-check the level of cover offered by your policy. If the shortfall leaves too much to chance and crossed fingers, then consider specialist cycling travel insurance for peace of mind.

Factors to consider when choosing cycling holiday insurance

Specific activity

The level of travel insurance your bank or workplace provides might cover you for a day trip on a rental bike but it generally falls short if the primary purpose of your trip is cycling. Consider the type of riding you want to do abroad – is it a leisurely tour around Lake Garda or are you putting everything you’ve got into an Ironman? The time to check whether your specific activity is covered by your travel policy is before you leave home not when it’s too late and you need to make a claim.

Downhill mountain biking is often excluded altogether so make sure you find a provider such as Pedal Cover who can cover you.

Cyclists preparing to cycle up a hill


You, your bike, the open road… oh and 7,500 other cyclists. If you’re racing, time trialling or just enjoying the open road, a momentary lapse in concentration, an overcooked corner or a fierce gust of wind and you may find yourself tangled up with a member of the public or a fellow competitor. If it’s proven to be your fault, the claim can hit six figures depending on the severity of the claimant’s injuries or the damage to their vehicle. If the claimant turns out to be a high-flyer touring in his new Lambo, imagine what their loss of earnings and repair costs might look like?


One of the joys of cycling trips is access to those remote, hard-to-reach trails and mountain passes but what happens if you come off your bike and can’t get back on again? You’re more vulnerable when suffering an injury abroad but a decent cycling travel insurance will make sure you’re not left stranded by including search and rescue, access to emergency medical and dental care as well as a reassuringly high level of cover. We’re not talking a bumped knee from rolling off your sun-lounger, after all.

Personal accident

The likelihood is you’ll have the best time and come home with memories to last… until your next cycling trip! But with the thrill of the ride comes the inevitable truth that you are putting your body on the line. With a decent personal accident cover, comes the peace of mind that you or your family will be compensated if you suffer a life-changing injury. It’s not pleasant to dwell on, but if you know you’re covered, you won’t have to.


Whilst you can’t pre-empt the unexpected, you can be prepared for it. Look for a cycling holiday insurance that will ease the pain of a missed departure or a race cancellation, leaving you to nurse your disappointment (whilst planning the next trip) without the extra pain of financial loss.

Been there, done that. Want to do it again!

Travel insurance often falls into the day-before, panic-buy category but with an annual policy, that’s one less thing to remember (along with packing your spare inner tubes and deflating your tyres before the plane journey). It’s also a cost-saving exercise. One-off policies mount up price-wise. Even if you intend to have a single holiday a year, the occasional overseas training camp or too-good-to-miss cycling weekend might tempt you away again. And what happens if you or one of your companions gets sick after you’ve bought the tickets and dismantled your bike (but before you’ve had a chance to panic-buy the single trip insurance) at least you’re already covered in the event of cancellation with annual insurance. These are just a few of the benefits of an annual cycling travel policy. 

Book your peace of mind today

At Pedal Cover we’re all about the cycling life. It’s what we do and how we came into existence – to provide for the gaps in insurance for our favourite activity. Find out how we’ve got you covered for your next cycling holiday and if you’ve got a trip planned but haven’t thought about insurance, don’t leave it to the last minute – get peace of mind from today.

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