Pedal Cover

Home and bike insuranceHome insurance is one of life’s necessities. Making sure you have sufficient cover for your possessions, not to mention the property itself, is vital to ensure that in the event of needing to replace or repair, it doesn’t end up costing you a fortune. For most people, a standard buildings and contents insurance policy is sufficient to ensure all of their most valuable possessions are covered including, in most instances, their bikes. However, the value of those bicycles is often limited by most insurance providers and doesn’t reflect the true cost of modern bikes. This is one of the reasons we started Pedalcover.

House insurance with bikes

Frustrated at not being able to find a home insurance policy to cover all the things we love (predominantly our bikes!) we realised there was a need in the insurance market to provide a policy that combined house insurance with bike insurance. More often than not, home insurers will not cover high value bikes and will certainly not provide cover when competing in time trials and triathlons, and so we set about coming up with a solution that would give this level of cover to us, and all of those other cyclists and triathletes that couldn’t find sufficient insurance cover.

What to look for when buying home insurance

As part of the process of developing our home and bike policy, we researched countless home insurance policies and identified some of the key elements that cyclists should consider when searching for a home insurance policy:

  • Is there a limit to what the provider will pay for bikes away from home?
  • Do you have to list all your bikes?
  • Is there a limit for theft of bikes from a garage or outbuilding? (Be sure to check your policy as we found maximum cover for bikes ranged from £2,500 to £5,000).
  • Is theft of bikes restricted from a vehicle?
  • If you race in time trials or triathlons, check your policy doesn’t exclude racing. (Typical policies may exclude racing, pacing, time trialling or even practising!)
  • Does your policy cover you for crash damage?
  • What happens if you take your bike abroad? Lots of policies exclude cover when your bike is not in your control or custody meaning if the bike is on a plane and gets damaged it may not be covered.
  • What is your policy excess?

With so many standard home insurance policies not able to provide cover for many of these key points, it was clear that our policy needed to! With our unique home and bike insurance you don’t have to be concerned about any of the above.

Home and Bike Insurance from Pedalcover

In addition to covering your home for building and contents, we also provide:

  • Cover for all of your bikes
  • Full crash damage to your bikes worldwide
  • Cover for when competing in time trials, triathlons, Enduro XC, sportives
  • £2 million or £5 million public liability in the UK
  • Cover for all your cycling kit such as helmets, shoes, sunglasses, clothing etc
  • Cover for all your accessories such as Garmin watches, phones, jewellery etc
  • Cover if your bike or bike box are damaged on a plane
  • Cover in transition during triathlons
  • New for old cover

We also provide family legal cover to help in the event of a claim and an excess protect policy, which can repay the excess deducted (please contact us for terms and conditions).

With all of these features provided as standard in our policy, we’re confident we’ve developed a policy that addresses the insurance needs of cyclists and triathletes throughout the UK. No longer do they need to settle for a home insurance policy that doesn’t provide the level of cover they need.

Find out how combining your home and bike insurance policies could benefit you, contact the Pedalcover team  or request a quote, now.