Pedal Cover

COVER YOUR BIKE with our comprehensive road bike INSURANCE

Save yourself the faff of listing your individual bikes on your home insurance policy. We’ll insure all the bikes in your household up to the value of £30k. 

As part of your home insurance, we cover your collection of bikes at home, then away from home (including overseas and racing) when you’re out enjoying your ride. Cover includes theft as well as crash and accidental damage and much more. 

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Our home and road bike insurance is backed by AXA, the 2nd largest insurer in the world

We cover your home for building and contents plus additional cycling benefits....

Race Fee Cancellation

We'll look after your bike should something happen when you're racing, but what if you can't race? We know how much some of these races can cost, so race fee cover comes as standard.

Public Liability

Unfortunately cycling accidents and crashes do happen. Our dedicated road cycling insurance covers expenses due to injury to a third party or damage to a person’s property as a result of a cycling mishap.

Taxi Re-imbursement Cover

If you're out on a ride and have a mechanical failure that prevents you from continuing your ride, we'll pay for you to get a taxi to a shop to get your bike fixed, or back home. If you hurt yourself while riding that prevents you to continuing, we'll also pay for you to get a taxi to see a doctor.

Theft from and away from the home

More than 500,000 bikes are reported stolen every year in the UK (and the numbers are rising fast), so you’ll be pleased to hear our policy covers theft!

Multi-bike cover

We don’t charge per bike. So whether your household has one bike…or ten bikes (don’t tell my partner!), the price and cover will remain the same with cover for up to £30,000 of bikes.


If you go to the darkside, join the short sock brigade, and do a triathlon or more likely hit CX in the winter, our policy includes transition cover protecting your bike and accessories.

Airline Cover

Travelling abroad with your bike? Our road cycle insurance covers you if your bike or bike box are damaged on a plane.

Helmet and Clothing

When you start to add everything up – from your helmet to your Garmin, your sunglasses to your shoes – your kit and accessories can cost as much as your bike! That’s why our cover protects not just your bike but everything else you need to enjoy your passion to the max.

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Providing Home and Road Bike Insurance across the UK

Combining home and road bike insurance under one policy cuts the hassle and expense of dealing with separate providers and is much more cost-effective.

Multi-bike as standard

With Pedalcover you don’t have to specify your bikes, they’re all covered up to a total value of £30,000 no matter what type of bicycle they are. 

Road bike insurance

Road Bike Insurance FAQs

No… It’s a lot more than just bicycle theft insurance.

Most home insurance companies will only cover your bike for theft from home leaving you needing specialist road cycling insurance. With Pedal Cover, we will look after your fleet of bikes and your accessories along with the rest of your home and belongings, no need for two separate policies. 

While there are a number of bicycle-only insurance providers in the marketplace, if you’re a keen cyclist or triathlete chances are you’ll have more than one bike, on top of kit, wetsuits and other accessories.

When you come to insure all of this equipment, you would normally have to take out separate home and bike insurance policies, because the cover provided within a standard home insurance policy would not give you enough cover for your bikes.

You would also have to list all of the bikes that you have, pushing the cost of the insurance premium up. What’s more, there is often a limit placed on the value of your bikes.


Yes, this is included as standard up to £2 million. 

Sadly accidents do happen from time to time, and we want to ensure that the cover provided is clear. Our insurance is not designed to be a personal accident policy, you’d need to look at this separately. There is some limited cover to help should you have an accident but it should not be relied upon if the worst were to happen. 

Yes! Few things beat that feeling of riding a mountain pass abroad, or just allowing yourself to see another country at your own pace on two wheels. We know travel is a passion for many cyclists and it’s why you’re bike will be covered wherever in the world you take it. 

We’ve all seen those videos of the bike box being thrown into an aircraft hold. Damage does happen and we’ll cover your bike and your bike box should they get damaged in transit on an aeroplane. 

Yes, absolutely. All of the bikes in your household are covered by our policy, and and the cover extends to every member of your family who uses them. This means if your children are riding expensive bikes or if you are taking several bicycles abroad for a family holiday, you can be comfortable in the knowledge they are covered with no additional premiums to pay.