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Calculating home contents valueWhen it comes to insuring your possessions it’s vital that you accurately calculate the total cost of replacing them. Undervaluing your possessions means you’ll be under-insured which, in the event of a claim, could mean that you either don’t receive a payout that’s sufficient to cover the cost of replacement or, worse still, the insurance provider chooses not to pay at all.
Calculating an accurate figure can actually be quite difficult, as it’s easy to overlook some items when tallying up a total value. Here at Pedalcover, we’ve devised a simple-to-use contents calculator that will help you add up the value of your contents, room by room.

Calculate the value of your home contents

To use our contents calculator simply add in the values of the different specified items in each room. The calculator will tally up the total value as you go. Leave any rooms or items that aren’t applicable to you blank. Once you’ve completed the form, click “submit information” and we’ll email you a no-obligation quote based on your calculation.
If you have any questions or want to find out more about our home insurance, please drop our team a line today

How much is your bike worth?

If you’re anything like us, one of the most valuable items you possess is likely to be your bike or bikes, and it’s therefore important to make sure you accurately calculate the replacement value of these. If you’ve had your bike for a few years it’s easy to forget just how much it would cost to replace with a new version, and likewise, if you’re collection has steadily grown it’s easy to overlook the total value of the bikes you now own. As we specialise in home and bike insurance, we’ve made provision in our home contents calculator for bikes you may keep in the house and those you keep in the garage or shed. Simply calculate the total value (when new) of each type and add them into the spaces provided.