Cyclist carrying road bike with cycle insurance from PedalCover

Comparing UK Cycle Insurance

Whether you cycle to work, hit the trails on your mountain bike, participate in triathlons or just simply get out […]

Riders at the Tour De France

The Winning Mindset

What do you get when you take a writer’s brain, place it in a fan oven and turn up the […]

10 Things All Cyclists Hate

We’re a fun-loving and relatively easy-going bunch, us cyclists – just give us an open road and we’ll find hours […]

It pays to be blue

In a typical professional cycling race, there will be one sure-fire way of winning and somewhere in the region of […]

Aerodynamic cyclist cycling fast on road bike

Get aero, get faster

If there’s one goal that all cyclists share, then it’s this – get faster. Each and every one of us […]